Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Now Your Cooking with GAS?

City administrator McCormick wants to simply falsify gas logs, or as she put it “estimate” how much gas was used!

In the Times Leader article Missing fuel could cost W-B she is quoted as saying,

McCormick said she believes the city, if required, would be able to estimate the amount of fuel used by city vehicles to show where it went.

“For instance, we know we have ‘x’ number of packers and we know how often they are used. We could estimate how much gas you would need in them,” she said. “There would be those types of things we can prove.”

What is McCormick really saying?

  • We can’t tell the truth, so when push comes to shove we can always fabricate something!

If this works for the city, then why cant LAG just estimate how many tows he does, and estimate an average FEE? Oh wait he already does that!!!

This is not poor record keeping, this is all the Kings Men, Family, & Friends Stealing!

In Fact sources at DPW tell Wake Up Wilkes Barre that the King & Co. have ordered workers to say they forgot to log out fuel on several occasions! 

I personally take offence to The City Hall Renegades trying to push their thievery onto allegations of poor bookkeeping mishaps made by the hard working laborers at DPW, WBFD, & WBPD. When they are the true CITY WORKERS, and BTY they DO their job, they log out fuel, they are NOT the bumbling fools, The King & Co. make them out to be!! Unlike the overpaid City Hall Driftwood!!!!


If I’m wrong, and simply making false allegations then why the cloak of secrecy?

Why would the city not want to release the DPW video to Wake Up Wilkes Barre, so we could stream it for all to see?

The answer is SIMPLE, much like City Hall

Wake Up Wilkes Barre

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