Thursday, July 19, 2012

Gas Gate Mc-Laugh-Lin Style

Terrie Morgan-Besecker of the Times Leader has done a remarkable job covering Gas Gate. 

In-Fact without Terrie doing what the city should have done, and that is comparing its fuel logs against the inventory logs to see if it balanced, we might never have known The King & Co. were having their way with Our Gas.

As reported by Wake Up Wilkes Barre yesterday gas is still seeping through the City’s old but improved accounting system.

For instance, on July 3 the tank measurement shows 230 gallons of gasoline were removed, while the log shows 234.7 gallons were dispensed. The diesel fuel tank reading shows 159 gallons were removed, whereas the log shows 165.3 gallons being dispensed.

Drew Mc-Laugh-Lin, the city’s administrative coordinator, said DPW officials have been reconciling the logs and tank reports daily. If there is a discrepancy that seems higher than what would be expected, they are reviewing surveillance tapes of cameras that record the pumps to try to determine what happened.

  • Isn’t that what the Taxpayers Group asked you to do back in October?

Mc-Laugh-Lin said DPW “flagged” the July 10 and July 13 readings noted by The Times Leader.

  • GOOD JOB again TL for telling Mc-Laugh-Lin where to look!

“A request was made for surveillances tapes of those days to show what the issues were. Did someone forget to fill out the log? If so, what department? That will be addressed with them,” Mc-Laugh-Lin  said.

  • Good God Drew, I sure hope you don’t get the same excuse the Taxpayers got, when they asked to see the tapes, “due to a recent change in surveillance system at the Department of Public Works garage, the requested surveillance (i.e., April, 2012) does not exist.”

Mc-Laugh-Lin said the improvement in accounting for fuel is a testament to the city’s efforts to address issues that led to the problems.“We said before we take the issue very seriously.

  • Thank you Drew, for doing NOW what you should have done all along, and that’s YOUR JOB!!!!!

Every inch of gasoline needs to be accounted for,” Mc-Laugh-Lin said. “We have gotten better, but there are a few discrepancies.”

Watch The Pump:

The city has begun stationing an employee at the fuel pumps at the Department of Public Works building to ensure fuel logs are being accurately filled out, administrative coordinator Drew Mc-Laugh-Lin confirmed Wednesday.

Mc-Laugh-Lin said the city opted to place an employee at the pumps as part of its efforts to ensure the logs are accurately filled out.

  • Thank goodness Drew I thought that man was sleeping in that chair!

Mc-Laugh-Lin said. “We are still putting the emphasis on city employees to follow procedures, but if manpower is available, we are assigning them to the pumps.”

  • Drew stop riding our city employees like circus ponies, when you know as well as we do that the “employees” have ALWAYS logged out their gas, it’s the King & Ken that were stealing it. 
  • I know let’s assign an employee to follow the KING, and then we might really know what’s going on! 
  • Drew you know as well as we do that the “employees” have ALWAYS logged out their gas, it’s the King & Ken that were stealing it, let’s assign an employee to fallow the KING, then we might really know what’s going on!

Wake Up Wilkes Barre


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