Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Gas Gate Goes Criminal?

It looks as if the state has begun a criminal investigation into “Gas Gate” but Allison Roberts of the Department of Revenue said if any wrongdoing is uncovered; such investigations are then forwarded to the state Attorney General's Office for prosecution.

  • GREAT: Off to J.J.’s POP for a look-see! 
  • I wonder how that will turn out?

"Any penalties or consequences depend on what actions are uncovered," Roberts added Monday.

  • Well let’s see here Mrs. Roberts, how about city officials allowing their kids to fill up at the city gas provider’s stations, and bill the taxpayers? 

Criminal tax attorney and author Greg McCauley, of West Chester, said any investigation that involves the bureau is taken seriously. He labeled investigators "very thorough" and "very competent," but believed the case still leaned in favor of city officials.

Unless the bureau decides to charge officials for sloppy record-keeping, he said, theft of the fuel - or filling up private vehicles for personal reasons - will likely be difficult to prove because of the lack of paperwork.

"If any one of the political insiders are saying, 'I used the fuel, but I did so to benefit the town itself,' then I don't think there's any problem with that," McCauley said. "But 18,000 gallons is a lot of fuel to not have any records for."

  • OK we have a better chance of seeing GOD then expecting THUGS to admit their crimes! 
  • Besides 18,000 gallons over ONLY 6 months, for a city ONLY 7 Sq Miles! 
  • Is the King driving around the city aimlessly? 
  • Wake Up Investigators, and start interviewing the DPW workers who know The King, His Kin, Ken, His Kin, and now LAG have all been filling up on our dime.

"Eighteen-thousand gallons is a lot of fuel, but it is probably more of a book-keeping error than any criminal wrongdoing," council President Mike Merritt said Monday. "At least I would hope so."

  • Wake Up Mikey you know as well as we do, who’s been filling up.

Bob Kadluboski the person who filed the criminal complaint said “I’m sure if it goes criminal we’ll know more, At least we have someone doing something now.”
  • Don’t hold your breath Bob, and remember this is Pennsylvania “Land of Corruption”

David R. Kraus, chief counsel for the Department of Revenue made statements like

“The issues you raise, if proven, are serious.”

“Please be assured that we are handling this matter promptly and seriously,”

  • Translation: Don’t hold your breath BOB, we can’t charge the King, he has way too many friends in high places!

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  1. greed knows no bounds

  2. We know that the people who vote for the Mayor have a vested interest in is being Mayor. But we who want a fair and just administration find it hard to swallow 18,000 gallons of fuel!!!
    Why do those who know nothing (or know more than they are willing to share with the taxpayers) make statements without basis in fact?
    As in pick one: Leighton," It was a burden to have to write down the gallons, miles etc", Merritt, and McLaughlin " Maybe it was just an oversight in record keeping"? G.Brown, "Whatever he said,I don't even know where the pumps are". Maureen: "I wasn't there didn't do it". T.George "Well if there wasn't a leak, and it did not evaporate, somebody took it". And if it was taken and cannot be accounted for, that's theft.

  3. Well at least T George tells the truth!!! It was likely stolen, by The King, Ken & Family!!!!


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