Sunday, July 15, 2012

Lies from LAG

Thursday night, council opted not to start termination proceedings against LAG and Leo Glodzik and instead voted to ask the administration to create a review panel.

“I welcome it,” Glodzik said Saturday. “Because every question they have I have an answer for it.”

  • Then why have you been dodging Judge Gelb?
  • Or is it because Leo knows what we all know. As long as he continues to Bribe the King the Bobbleheads won’t do anything!

“I had to go to the meeting to defend my name,” said Glodzik

  • WOW now that must be a daunting task.

The people who complained to council about LAG had done so before and fabricated their stories, he said.

  • Like the statements that an accountant would shred records every month and a half?

Please see affidavits from Leo, and "Dewey, Cheatem & Howe" 

  • Or that any police chief would tell you to prove a copy of a license, insurance card, title, and or registration card, during a Right to Know, but shred receipts to protect the identity of the towed.

  • Yep, Lying Leo, it’s the complainers fabricating their stories!
  • FYI, their (the complainers) story hasn’t changed a bit, NOT ONCE!!!

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