Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tell the Truth, That’s an ORDER

As first reported by Wake Up Wilkes Barre, and now both papers our King met with dozens of Department of Public Works employees Friday, asking them to cooperate with investigations into 18,000 gallons of unaccounted for fuel at the city's gas pump.

  • Wait, what, we still have dozens of DPW employees? I thought the King cut that department to the bone!

"I just wanted to let them know they may be questioned," Leighton explained Monday. "I emphasized they should tell the truth and be open and honest with any questions."

  • Did he not think that our DPW employees would cooperate if questioned by the DA?

“I just wanted to let them know the city administration plans to cooperate 100 percent in any investigation. We want to make sure they answer questions truthfully and honestly,” Leighton said.

  • Ya, because DPW employees don’t know how to read the paper.

Leighton said he called the meeting Friday after several DPW workers asked him if they needed to have attorneys present during meetings with investigators. At first, Leighton believed they could get advice from city solicitors prior to meeting with investigators, but city officials later determined that would be a conflict of interest.

  • Do we really think DPW employees called the King, and asked if they should, or could have an attorney present if questioned by the DA?
  • Perhaps the DPW Boss, but anyone beyond that I highly doubt!!!

"I did not give them any advice on what to do except tell the truth," Leighton said.

  • Read between the lines here folks:
  • Tell the truth, “you didn’t see anything” or “you have regularly failed to log out your gas”
  • When this is over either The King & Co. will be jailed or a lot of DPW workers will be fired for failing to properly log gas.

Tell the truth folks your job depends on it!

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  1. I think this anus must think that all of the DPW employees are dummies? Surely they know that if THEY have committed no wrongdoing, honesty would be the best policy.

    However, if they are part of the ones who illegally fueled their vehicles at the City pumps, they are smart enough to know that they might require legal counsel!

    So why would Shrek call them in, other than to intimidate? He is not going to be there for them. He wants them to be their for him!!

    We have people who work for DPW that are more honest accidently on a daily basis than he will ever be. Maybe sooner than later, the black cloud that Wilkes-Barre has been under will disappear???

  2. Me thinks he's a bit terrified that someone may spew the TRUTH!!!


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