Thursday, July 5, 2012

Gas-Gate Continues

I have to commend the Time Leader for their diligent reporting on The W-B Gas-Gate.

In today’s TL Editorial

Leighton told Terrie he drives “200 to 300 miles a month.”

If Leighton drives 200 to 300 miles a month and we give his Chevy Traverse an average efficiency of 20 mpg for a mix of highway and city miles, his failure to log the gas he pumps out of city storage tanks would account for 10 to 15 gallons worth of discrepancy a month. 

Terrie’s numbers showed the city was averaging nearly 2,500 gallons of discrepancy a month.

Even after it became clear this fiasco could cost the city thousands of dollars if the feds launch an investigation, city Administrator Marie McCormick voiced utter faith in the vapor trail. Without a scrap of paperwork, she said the city could reconstruct fuel use.

“For instance, we know we have ‘x’ number of packers and we know how often they are used. We could estimate how much gas you would need in them,” suggested McCormick. “There would be those types of things we could prove.”

Mark Guydish of the Times Leader said 

  • “I might be an old fuddy-duddy stickler for asking, but ask I must: 
  • When did pulling imaginary numbers out of seven-month-old exhaust fumes become “proof”?

Reading Mark’s editorial It’s easy to see just how disgusted the reports are trying to make sense of it all, or just trying to get answers to basic questions.

It really should be this hard for any citizen, report, anyone, to get answers from their government, but this is Wilkes Barre City A.K.A The Land of Make Believe, and as much as I wish we could exile the slime in city hall to Hope, NJ, the fact is even New Jersey has its standards.


  • Where are the DPW Video’s?
  • Does anyone look at them? (Give them to WBCTPA) they will watch them!
  • Whose job is it to ensure that everyone is following the rules?
  • Let’s assume it’s not a case of theft, (I know it the W-B) but even if it were just a logging issue should the city have caught this?
  • What does Ken Pahler actually do, because with Gas-Gate it’s clear he’s not managing the DPW!!!

It’s high time we cut the deadwood!

Wake Up Wilkes Barre

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