Sunday, July 22, 2012

Gas Gate Questions

The Editors of The Citizens Voice: More questions on 'Gasgate' are asking some of the questions one would hope the DA’s office is also asking.

CV Questions:

If the 18,000 shortage occurred in just seven months, how much might be missing from previous months and years?

Who made the decision not to use the Phoenix 8000, which has been attached to the city's fuel pumps since 2009?

Who are the other city officials authorized to fuel their private vehicles at the pumps and what was the justification for that authorization?

Did Leighton or those other officials file any sort of documents detailing when, why and how far they drove on the city's dime?

Who was responsible for monitoring the pen-and-paper log?

And finally, Mr. Mayor, when will you secure the city's fuel supply and have that Phoenix 8000 turned on?

Other Important Questions:

According to The Times Leader story, Who’s fueling who?, The City was missing 17,880 gallons over 7 months. That’s an average 2,554 gallons missing each month. 

If this was only a “record keeping error” as the city claims, and nothing has changed other than now logging gas out, is the city still consuming the same number of gallons each month, as they have over the previous 6 months, years, whatever?

The number of DPW Trucks, Police Cars, Code Enforcement Cars, ETC hasn’t changed since The Times Leader uncovered Gas-Gate so the number of GPM – Gallons Per Month used shouldn’t decrease now that we are properly filling out the log, should it?

DPW Meeting Friday:

The King called an employee meeting Friday at 3:00 PM to inform the DPW employees that they may be called by the DA or another investigative agency to give statements, and if they felt uncomfortable they could be accompanied by one of The City Lawyers.

Scare Tactics

Although The King did tell the employees to cooperate fully with any investigator the fact that some may take the lawyers, and some may not, in itself is a scare tactic. 

Per The King: Those who choose not to take the lawyer (AKA spy) must plan to tell the DA the truth.

How often in life does any witness or potential witness need to take a lawyer?

Is the DA that scary?

If The King truly had nothing to hide he wouldn’t need to call staff meetings to tell his staff what to do, they would just do it!

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  1. DPW employees have no need for a lawyer if all they are going to do is testify as to WHO was taking gas from the City pumps illegally, unless, they were one of those people. And if they did steal gas from the City, why should the City have to pay for their defense?? I agree w/Kadluboski, that people who testify should be immune from retribution under the "Whistle Blower" act.

  2. I couldn't agree more!!! Let's keep informing our city employees!


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