Friday, July 6, 2012

W-B The Dishonor System

So In The CV: Missing gas draws scrutiny the mayor is once again blaming the DPW workers for the theft he, his family, and friends committed against the taxpayers.

Shame on you mayor for insinuating that our DPW workers didn’t log out gas for their garbage trucks, when we all know who has been skipping out on the honor system, or in your case dishonor system!!!

While I’m at it SHAME on you Sgt. William Harden of the Wilkes Barre City Police Department for not doing your job, in taking a complaint from a citizen.

You should be ashamed of yourself, you took an oath to protect, and serve!

FYI that means The Citizens, NOT The King!!!

This isn’t the FIRST complaint of police not taking complaint from citizens, while protecting cronies! Remember Mark Robbins, when he called the police regarding damage done to his car by LAG Towing, and one of Wilkes Barre’s finest said: “I don’t give a F**K about your car”!

Get your heads out of the Kings Backside long enough to uphold the law!

Even the D.A. said you should have taken the complaint.
Luzerne County District Attorney Stefanie Salavantis, said he was just trying to cover his bases by filing a complaint with the police department.

"That should not be the case, no matter how frivolous an officer may think it is," Salavantis said.

Thank you D.A. Salavantis for taking this seriously!

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  1. I've been told by an excellent source that this isn't the first 'fuel gate' for Leighton...
    The same thing happened a few years ago (without the media attention).
    I'm looking for the info.


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