Thursday, July 12, 2012

Legalized bribery

Wilkes-Barre Councilman Tony George said Tuesday he's reached a conclusion on LAG Towing owner Leo Glodzik: He should be fired.

"I want his contract terminated," George said.

"I want to make a motion (today) to request the mayor do it."

  • As much as we “the citizens” Thank you, Councilman George, for your honest hard work, investigating LAG, we know the King will never fire his Boy Leo! 
  • So you will need to pass a resolution limiting Leo’s fees!

There's an explanation for everything," Glodzik said
Glodzik was shown the documents last month, and he declared them fake.

"Most of these are fictitious," Glodzik said from his Morgan Drive home.

"All or most?" he was asked.

"Most, yeah, most. I'd say all," he replied without looking at each receipt.

  • Wake Up Leo, at least look at them before offering up your lie!

But George said he believes the receipts are authentic because Glodzik has no documentation proving otherwise.

"If he isn't doing anything wrong, you sure get the impression he is hiding something," George said.

  • Councilman George a former chief of police, I’m sure can spot a liar from a mile away in the dark, and boy oh boy does he have your number Leo!!

Glodzik and Leighton have adamantly denied the city's towing operator strayed from his standard rates. People are simply upset when they're towed, they said, and extra charges can be justified.

  • Yup that’s it just upset they were towed gouged, and all but financially RAPED!

Police Chief Gerard Dessoye and Leighton have framed these complaints to George and The Citizens' Voice as isolated incidents.

  • Go figure the King and his boot licking cousin, making excuses for a mobster!

Glodzik told The Citizens' Voice in 2005 he planned on charging $85 for tows

"I don't know, I don't remember saying that," Glodzik said Wednesday about the less expensive rates. "That's like asking a contractor how much it is to put in a door. Every one is different."

  • Leo may want to see someone regarding his memory problems! IDK like AA!!!

Glodzik said last month he soon hoped to charge even more.

"It's exciting," Leighton said in 2005. "But if he is going to charge $200 a tow, that might change things. We'll weigh our options and make the best decision for the city."

  • Wake Up King Tommy, you always say you’ll make the best decision for the city, when what you really mean is you’ll make the best decision for YOU!

Glodzik contributed $11,100 personally and $700 from his business to the Kings campaign, records show.

"This is all basically legal," said Joan Mandle, executive director of the nonprofit Democracy Matters. "We call it legalized bribery."

  • Legalized bribery: isn’t that what Mark Robbins has been saying for some time now, or are we going to stick with “he’s just mad he was towed”?

Leighton has denied in the past that he's been swayed by such contributions, but he's defended Glodzik's practices for years and renewed Glodzik's contract in 2009.

  • Oh come on our King can’t be bought!!
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