Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Custody for Cash NOW?

Keep in mind that nothing in this corrupt political environment surprises me, but first Luzerne County sells Kids for Cash, and now either parent, or Child Protective Service can have custody, based on who can afford the Lawyer AKA Liar, whose buddy sits on the bench. Say it ain't so!

According to an exclusive Independent Gazette story that seems to be the case. Publisher Louis R Jasikoff told Wake Up Wilkes Barre he has personally spoken with parents who have been told by both Lackawanna, and Luzerne County Liars/Judges alike, quotes such as:

"You don't have enough money to proceed" and
"You can't win because you are poor"

Ok, I'll admit I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed, but shouldn't custody rulings favor the better parent, and not the bigger checkbook? I mean of course having a good Liar is important but the law is the law, and an abusive parent should lose, and a loving parent should retain custody, RIGHT?

Now on to Child Protective Service or CPS, Jasikoff spoke with a honest Lawyer, (YES he found ONE) who could not be identified for fear of repercussions, the Lawyer told Jasikoff that CPS targets children on SSI?  The Lawyer said "if your a poor family, has a child with a disability, receiving SSI, then they are 10 times more likely to have CPS take custody of their child than, that of a family not receiving SSI, but barring similar CPS investigations.... 

WHY: The Lawyer told Jasikoff that the county will be paid both by the State and SSI for housing the child, as the SSI benefits are awarded to the caretaker of the minor child, so in essence the county gets double paid for ONE child, and only pays the foster family on a per child basis, so the SSI funds are FREE MONEY for the county.   

WOW, is all I've got on this mind-blower brought to light by the GREAT investigative staff at the Wilkes Barre / Scranton Independent Gazette.... 

Wake Up Wilkes Barre


Monday, January 27, 2014

Cry about Crime Watch Group, but do the SAME

The Wilkes Barre Crime Watch Coalition does have a set of rules that users of the group are asked to follow as a result of the way posts in a Facebook groups appear.

If a member in a group comments on an older post, then that thread will appear at the top of the group, as a way to keep current discussions current. However this Facebook policy presents a bit of a problem for the Wilkes Barre Crime Watch, and what their mission is, says Crime Watch Leader Charlotte Raup, who politely asks group participants to take all discussions to another group operated by the Crime Watch called “Just Sayin”.

“We want to keep current crimes, happenings, or events that people need to know at that critical moment at the top of group” said Raup. The Crime Watch has roughly 600 members citywide, yet the Facebook group has about 6000 members. “if we allow every discussion, then at that critical time when you need important information regarding something currently happening, you may not be able to find it” said Raup. The leaders of the group have had to remove people over the years, but does not limit who can see the group, realizing that the group is viewed by members, non-members, media, law enforcement, and yes even Wake Up Wilkes Barre.

Now there are those unruly types, who simply cannot or will not follow the rules, and must be removed from the Crime Watch Group, (and you know who you are), in-fact they have created a Copy Cat group, that claims not to limit posts. Unless you defend the Wilkes Barre Crime Watch Coalition that is:

  • Luzerne county crime updates "Welcome to The Luzerne County Crime Updates page. We are not affiliated with the Wilkes Barre crime watch page, but motivated by the strict rules that do not allow anyone other then the moderator to express there concerns openly without being deleted. We don't have many rules but we would ask that you do not post foul language or any racist comments. Please try to get along we are all on the same team in the matter concerned about our area."

As Wake Up Wilkes Barre was a member of the above group, as well as the Crime Watch Group, we noticed that a friend of Wake Up Wilkes Barre was removed from the Crime Watch Group for continually commenting on a post that the user felt was contrary to the rules of the group So Wake Up Wilkes Barre asked the following question,

“Just an FYI, but as Sharon is the Vice President of the official Wilkes Barre Crime Watch Collation, and when Charlotte the President of the Crime Watch posted an update about Sharon’s health in their group to inform their members, that is their purgative, I only wonder why you would question that?”

NOW for a group that claim not to limit anyone but sure does enjoy bashing the Crime Watch leaders for removing them, OH BOY, did they quickly revert to the similar tactic (However it should be noted that, Wake Up Wilkes Barre was in compliance with their posted rules, and received no warning), so the point is this.

  • If you going to criticize someone for something, you probably shouldn't be guilty of the same!
  • If you’re a member of the Copy Cat Group please remember your only allowed to BASH the Crime Watch, anything else will get you removed. 

Wake Up Wilkes Barre


P.S. for Lisa Burns Griffiths whoever you are, First I wondered why we would be calling the FBI, but then I realized you must not get out much, and obviously think every blog is by the same author, so FYI Mr. Robbins does not now, nor has he EVER written for Wake Up Wilkes Barre, as he has his own blog Check it out here: WB TRUTH

UPDATE: As of 1/28/2014 WUWB has been re-added to the Luzerne county crime updates  the misunderstand was stated in the P.S. section above where Lisa misunderstood the author of WUWB, and after clarification was provided, Lisa and WUWB agreed to move forward, as well all share a common goal that is a better Wilkes Barre. 

Thursday, January 16, 2014

One more hurdle and LAG is back!

Leo is just one step away from making his comeback. After the city failed to present much of a case against LAG, it is reported by the Times Leader that arbitrator attorney Lewis Wetzel determined that the city’s suspension shall stand pending final disposition of Glodzik’s criminal case in Luzerne County Court. Anything other than a full acquittal is grounds for termination.

  • A full acquittal? LMAO where in the world is Leo going to find 12 Luzerne County Jurors who don’t know Leo. 

In the King’s press release King Lie-A-Ton said “The City of Wilkes-Barre suspended the contract in May 2013 due to poor record keeping on the part of LAG Transport Inc. and criminal allegations made against its owner, Leo A. Glodzik.”

  • Poor record keeping? He didn't keep any!, and what about charging victims of crime, another clear violation of his contract, was Wetzel presented with that info?

Wake Up Wilkes Barre


Monday, January 13, 2014

Poor Leo, yet again?

Just days after the city held it's CLOSED DOOR arbitration hearing for the suspended, embattled towing contractor LAG, The Internal Revenue Service filed another federal tax lien for $114,584.

According to the Citizens Voice: The action came six months after the state Department of Revenue slammed Glodzik with a lien claiming he owed the state $519,168 in personal income taxes and interest from 2006 through 2011.

Not to worry word on the street is the arbitrator (Wetzel) ORDERED the closed door hearing so the public wouldn’t have a chance to see the BIG sweep.

Look out Falzone, folks are expecting LAG to be back towing cars real soon.

Wake Up Wilkes Barre


Thursday, January 9, 2014

County Dick's storm newspaper

How dare the Times Leader Newspaper print the truth! County detectives Fabian and Yursha (aka Stash and Yash) stormed the newspaper after it printed its editorial yesterday, in which the paper stated some well known facts (well known to anyone who can read ANY paper that is) that it, and other news organizations have been reporting for TWO years now, but apparently this is the first time the D.A.’s office picked up a newspaper, because they snapped into actions.

Demanding to know where it got the notion, as reported by the TL “it was widely reported that certain employees admitted they had stolen fuel, some by putting it in portable containers, then later transferring it to their personal vehicles.” 

The Times Leader responded to the detectives questions with “hey it was printed by Terri well over a year ago when she interviewed a former city purchasing agent who told the reporter what he heard from them, "Trimble was advised by investigators that people other than the employee he spoke to had also admitted taking fuel, some by filling up portable gasoline tanks that they then dispensed into personal vehicles, he said.". Perhaps you should try interviewing him yet again.” The paper cannot be held accountable for the incompetence of Luzerne County should have been their response.

In the editoral the paper also pointed out “Seemingly, Salavantis’ most recent statement indicates the DA’s Office either isn’t approaching this case sincerely or it needs to renew its newspaper subscription.” Perhaps the newspaper should send a complimentary copy to the Child in charge over there, not that she can read, or recognize a thief on a Billboard!

Wake Up Wilkes Barre


Sunday, January 5, 2014

DA, Who Knew?

After two years of investigation, interviewing city employees, (some several times), hearing from some 40 or so police and firemen, who all admitted to filling up, and driving off without EVER logging fuel (as if that really happened, we all know the King use to ask WBPD to log out extra for him) and even hearing from the King seven times himself, one might think the District Attorney would know just about everything, when it comes to Gas Gate, yet according to today’s Times Leader, she’s as clueless as her camping accused Jackie Musto Carroll of regarding the Kids for Cash scam. She either knew or should have known about DEP, after all it was in the papers.

Click link to see what Step should have known or here

Nevertheless in today’s paper the dumber than hell DA is quoted as saying “We had no idea that DEP was involved,” Salavantis said. “We are definitely following up on that.”

  • WOW that’s good to know Steph, after all DEP only thought 18,000 gallons were missing, when the PA Department of Revenue said it was more like 67,000 gallons, yet both STATE agencies thought the city was wrong, and refused to accept the nonsensical LIES or estimates now being offered to you, by city employees who are being ORDERED to lie, telling you they fueled and left without logging their gas.  Let me be the first to point out that if that were the case the King would have had their heads, also wouldn’t the controller have caught that slip up the next month if he or she were actually acting as a controller?


  • If you pumped gas into a NON city owned, rented, or leased vehicle you were stealing gas. 
  • If you failed to log gas due to whatever emergency, even after said emergency was over, you should be FIRED!
  • If you're lying for the King you should be charged with lying to detectives. 

Either way someone should be charged, or many should be fired.

Simple Investigations tips for our Dippy DA:

  • Compare any full year of gas usage prior to Gas Gate with the same time period for any year after, is the city still consuming the same amount of gas in those years? If not then someone was pilfering gas. 
  • Was the Kings personal car used ONLY for city business? (Even the IRS asks this question when writing off mileage)
  • Did the King buy ANY gas prior to Gas Gate, can he provide any bank/credit card statements, you know from swiping your card at the pay at the pump? We all know if he didn't have time to log out city gas, then he sure didn't have time to go into the gas station to pay with cash. (Bank statements have a 7 year retention for PA)

Wake Up Wilkes Barre, because your DA isn't.


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