Sunday, January 5, 2014

DA, Who Knew?

After two years of investigation, interviewing city employees, (some several times), hearing from some 40 or so police and firemen, who all admitted to filling up, and driving off without EVER logging fuel (as if that really happened, we all know the King use to ask WBPD to log out extra for him) and even hearing from the King seven times himself, one might think the District Attorney would know just about everything, when it comes to Gas Gate, yet according to today’s Times Leader, she’s as clueless as her camping accused Jackie Musto Carroll of regarding the Kids for Cash scam. She either knew or should have known about DEP, after all it was in the papers.

Click link to see what Step should have known or here

Nevertheless in today’s paper the dumber than hell DA is quoted as saying “We had no idea that DEP was involved,” Salavantis said. “We are definitely following up on that.”

  • WOW that’s good to know Steph, after all DEP only thought 18,000 gallons were missing, when the PA Department of Revenue said it was more like 67,000 gallons, yet both STATE agencies thought the city was wrong, and refused to accept the nonsensical LIES or estimates now being offered to you, by city employees who are being ORDERED to lie, telling you they fueled and left without logging their gas.  Let me be the first to point out that if that were the case the King would have had their heads, also wouldn’t the controller have caught that slip up the next month if he or she were actually acting as a controller?


  • If you pumped gas into a NON city owned, rented, or leased vehicle you were stealing gas. 
  • If you failed to log gas due to whatever emergency, even after said emergency was over, you should be FIRED!
  • If you're lying for the King you should be charged with lying to detectives. 

Either way someone should be charged, or many should be fired.

Simple Investigations tips for our Dippy DA:

  • Compare any full year of gas usage prior to Gas Gate with the same time period for any year after, is the city still consuming the same amount of gas in those years? If not then someone was pilfering gas. 
  • Was the Kings personal car used ONLY for city business? (Even the IRS asks this question when writing off mileage)
  • Did the King buy ANY gas prior to Gas Gate, can he provide any bank/credit card statements, you know from swiping your card at the pay at the pump? We all know if he didn't have time to log out city gas, then he sure didn't have time to go into the gas station to pay with cash. (Bank statements have a 7 year retention for PA)

Wake Up Wilkes Barre, because your DA isn't.


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