Thursday, January 16, 2014

One more hurdle and LAG is back!

Leo is just one step away from making his comeback. After the city failed to present much of a case against LAG, it is reported by the Times Leader that arbitrator attorney Lewis Wetzel determined that the city’s suspension shall stand pending final disposition of Glodzik’s criminal case in Luzerne County Court. Anything other than a full acquittal is grounds for termination.

  • A full acquittal? LMAO where in the world is Leo going to find 12 Luzerne County Jurors who don’t know Leo. 

In the King’s press release King Lie-A-Ton said “The City of Wilkes-Barre suspended the contract in May 2013 due to poor record keeping on the part of LAG Transport Inc. and criminal allegations made against its owner, Leo A. Glodzik.”

  • Poor record keeping? He didn't keep any!, and what about charging victims of crime, another clear violation of his contract, was Wetzel presented with that info?

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