Thursday, January 9, 2014

County Dick's storm newspaper

How dare the Times Leader Newspaper print the truth! County detectives Fabian and Yursha (aka Stash and Yash) stormed the newspaper after it printed its editorial yesterday, in which the paper stated some well known facts (well known to anyone who can read ANY paper that is) that it, and other news organizations have been reporting for TWO years now, but apparently this is the first time the D.A.’s office picked up a newspaper, because they snapped into actions.

Demanding to know where it got the notion, as reported by the TL “it was widely reported that certain employees admitted they had stolen fuel, some by putting it in portable containers, then later transferring it to their personal vehicles.” 

The Times Leader responded to the detectives questions with “hey it was printed by Terri well over a year ago when she interviewed a former city purchasing agent who told the reporter what he heard from them, "Trimble was advised by investigators that people other than the employee he spoke to had also admitted taking fuel, some by filling up portable gasoline tanks that they then dispensed into personal vehicles, he said.". Perhaps you should try interviewing him yet again.” The paper cannot be held accountable for the incompetence of Luzerne County should have been their response.

In the editoral the paper also pointed out “Seemingly, Salavantis’ most recent statement indicates the DA’s Office either isn’t approaching this case sincerely or it needs to renew its newspaper subscription.” Perhaps the newspaper should send a complimentary copy to the Child in charge over there, not that she can read, or recognize a thief on a Billboard!

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  2. 3 county union contracts nearing vote
    drunknuncle • 4 days ago


    drunknuncle • 4 days ago

    Assistant district attorneys/public defenders are represented by Teamsters, and Connors said he can’t discuss the status because both sides have agreed to maintain confidentiality throughout the negotiation process.

    Home rule requires County Council to approve union contracts.

    Council rejected a proposed contract with detectives in May 2012, with some members arguing there weren’t enough concessions. The detectives sought binding arbitration and were awarded the same pay and benefits rejected by a council majority.
    " These county Detectives are holding the tax payer hostage while hiding behind Stefanie's skirt. Only she has the power to retire the most tenured detectives freeing her payroll of high labor cost." ;-\...



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