Friday, September 19, 2014

The city used some money improperly?

Once again thank you Times Leader
The Times Leader reporting that the auditor general found yet another problem with the city’s fuel account.

“The report also notes the city used some money improperly”, and the city responded with “we did not realize project approval was needed. We will comply in the future.”

One again the city claiming ignorance when caught with their pants down, but wait wasn't this supposed to be experienced leadership? How in the world could someone who has been in the mayors office for over 10 years, and a councilman for several years before that be soooo darn STUPID?

There is a difference between a clerical error and intentional fraud.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Greco TWO, Hawkeye ZERO

For those of you keep score that is the true Wilkes-Barre surveillance camera scorecard, and you can bet Greco’s camera system cost far less than the $10,483.87 per camera, price Hawkeye has spent, (with NO results, I might add).

Just to be clear Hawkeye has squandered roughly $7,000,000.00 SEVEN MILLION DOLLARS,  and has NEVER released ONE photo to the public. Some are arguing that’s because Hawkeye has NEVER captured a single photo of crime, while others say “if you want to get away with murder, do you killing under a Hawkeye camera where no one can see you”.

If you're one of the few, who doesn't feel we've tossed quite enough good money down the Hawkeye rabbit hole yet, then you’ll likely appreciate the new $600,000.00 influx of cash flowing into Hawkeye from the Gaming Grants. Although $600,000.00 may seem like a fortune to hardworking Wilkes-Barre folk, it’s only a fraction of the $1,501,000.00 Hawkeye requested.

I suppose it takes a boatload of cash to produce ZERO images.

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