Friday, August 29, 2014

Why is the Chief hiding?

The Independent Gazette Newspaper reported Wednesday morning that Wilkes-Barre Chief of Police Gerard E. Dessoye has accepted a position at King’s College and will be stepping down as chief of the WBPD. Since that time the Times Leader has done everything in its power to confirm the Gazette’s story. The city however is stonewalling now TWO newspapers. Some townsfolk may have accepted the stonewalling of the monthly paper, but how about the Thief of Police hiding behind the city’s spokes joke?

“Dessoye’s no comment was issued in the afternoon through city spokeswoman Liza Prokop”

  • Hum why is the Chief in hiding?
  • What’s with all the secrecy?

Notice King’s Collage was ever so careful not to LIE, they merely bent the truth: King’s College spokesman John McAndrew confirmed Wednesday there is an open position for the director of campus safety and security.

“As of today, the position has not been filled,” McAndrew said.

  • As of today you say??

Notice not one person has refuted the Gazette’s story!

The Times Leader did note that: “The story broke less than a week after a federal indictment alleged a city police officer and a former city officer were involved in fraudulent loans made by the Wilkes-Barre City Employees Federal Credit Union.”

OK perhaps that’s the reason neither the Chief nor Kings wanted to be forthcoming.

If not for that loudmouth monthly pain in Lie-A-Tons backside (The Gazette), a few weeks would have passed, the chief would have quietly slipped out from under the rug where he’s currently held up, out the door, scurried a few blocks over, and by the time anyone noticed the weekly shipment of Vodka being delivered to a new location, well perhaps this FBI thing might be yesterday’s news, but instead, Thank you WBIG, and Times Leader….

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Friday, August 22, 2014

Duck when it hits the fan...

The day many LAG victims have been waiting for is upon us. Leo Glodzik (LAG Towing owner), and 2 city police officers (Former WB officer Tino Ninotti and current officer Jason Anthony) have been arrested, along with some employees at the Wilkes-Barre City Federal Credit Union. 

Folks around town are saying "The Castle in Wilkes-Barre is beginning to crumble", and perhaps their right, but remember Leo, and these two cops are merely symptoms of a much larger infection plaguing our city. Leo, nor those 2 cops had the power, or intelligence needed to mastermind, and employ the network of corruption needed to pull off the scheme they were conducting, without help from the Thief of Police, (who may be resigning very soon to take the job at King’s College, as head of campus security), and Mayor (who should be arrested with Leo), overlooking the mountain of complaints from outraged citizens like Mark Robbins, who called for help when Leo was gouging them.

Who will replace Duh-Soye as Thief of Police, should King's actually stoop so low, you may be asking, well Wake Up Wilkes Barre has it on good authority that Robert Hughes will be promoted. Now you may already be familiar with Mr. Hughes, and perhaps he sold you (the allegedly stolen) car in your drive way, when he was moonlighting at A-1 Auto, the very same lot where Leo liquidated car's from his auto scam at LAG.

Whatever the case there’s more to this story, and Leo, 2 Cops, employees of the credit union, are just the tip of the iceberg, so hold on Wilkes-Barre, breath slowly, and keep those fans OFF, because we don’t want to be splattered by the next round of crap being lofted at City Hall.

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