Sunday, July 20, 2014

DuhSoye Defamed?

As our thief of police’s career with the city is likely winding down (probably due to Federal Investigations) he is scrambling to find something, anything else, at least that’s what we’ve heard. First we heard he was going to work for the State but that fell through (likely because they can read), now it’s off to King’s College, but first we must intimidate those who would dare to mutter the TRUTH.

Mark Robbins of Forty Fort received a letter from the law firm of RJG (Rosenn Jenkins & Greenwald LLP) Attorneys At Law. Should you be unfamiliar with whom RJG is, then you really don’t pay attention, because in addition to being the LARGEST campaign contributor to King Lie-A-Ton, you pay them daily. RJG represents you (the people) every single day, and sometimes twice a day, as they (RJG) are the solicitors for more municipal boards and authorities in and around Wilkes-Barre City, then the law should ever allow, and now they’ve taken up the case of our poor, misunderstood, allegedly defamed, thief of police Gerard Dessoye, in his quest to silence anyone who would dare to claim is his less than an honorable, upstanding Chief of Police.

Well I’ve got news for you RJG, get ready to sue an entire city, because other than the few Kool-Aide drinkers, there ain’t a soul left in town who Believes, and not because they read this or Robbins blog, but because they live in this cesspool of crime, and corruption, that this thief of police, and his gas pilfering cousin, have created.

I would think long and hard before initiating any lawsuit, as you know the initial filing will result in Robbins landing in discovery, gaining immediate subpoena powers, and having the ability to depose anyone he feels can substantiate any of his claims, including but not limited to the entire staff, past and present of the WBPD, RJG, City Hall, DPW, Contractors, City Residents, LAG Victims, and the list goes on, and on, and on, well you get the picture. Not to mention the lawsuit will create a media circus, and anyone who hasn’t yet heard of just how inept Gerry is at his job will surely find out then, so your attempts at silencing Robbins will only result in YOU providing him with a much, much larger soap box.

Remember J.J.’s lawsuit against Radnor Township?

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Thursday, July 17, 2014

King's College Security Get Ready for SLUMBER

Word on the street is Wilkes Barre City Police Chief Gerard Dessoye is TWO SECONDS from landing the job of Head of Campus Security at King's College

After his tenure as Chief of WBPD, the city has seen skyrocketing crime rates, murders per capita among the HIGHEST in the nation, an unsolved crime statistic so high there isn't even a chart for which to track, and a police force that’s smeared by allegations of corruption.

Now if you’re a parent thinking about sending your child away to college take comfort in the fact that should something bad happen to your child, your new Head of Campus Security will not only NEVER solve the crime, but will more than likely move expeditiously to blame them, as we have seen oh so many times. Much like the rape of a young girl in Kirby Park the other day, where the Chief was quoted as saying “it’s in an area that people should be very cautious of”, referring to Kirby Park. 

After all who would think, that one could stroll through a city park, while talking on your cell phone, and not expect to be raped?

Don’t get me wrong, as a city resident I couldn’t be happier that Gerry is leaving the WBPD, and we could only hope that we get a new chief, who is truly concerned about public safety.

As for King’s, don’t expect much, he doesn’t deliver much, but then again I suspect you already know that, and it’s not like you’re not hiring him based on his experience, yet to repay his lordship for either past or future taxpayer funded gifts.  

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