Monday, December 15, 2014

Gas-Gate Expanded?

From Zozymus, @ the comment section of the Times Leader
In a letter from Luzerne County District Attorney Stephanie Salavantis, to City Councilman Tony George, Salavantis states: The Gas investigation has expanded.

Her exact words:
“​The agents have advised that their work on the fuel investigation has crossed over into other investigations in the city of Wilkes-Barre which greatly expanded the scope of necessary work. You will recall the serious incidents that occurred surrounding the credit union investigation. Not only did that matter result in several arrests, but also the life of an employee was tragically lost. Neither the Federal authorities nor my office takes these incidents lightly. I appreciate the concerns of Councilman George. I can assure you on behalf of my office and also on behalf of the agents with whom we are working, the investigation remains ongoing, interviews relating to same are continuing and we look forward to reporting the conclusion of same.”

  • So Gas-Gate and the Credit Union Scandal cross paths? HOW? 

According to the Times Leader:
In March federal authorities also turned their focus on the credit union. They served a subpoena for financial records on the credit union that leases space on the first floor of City Hall. It is not a city department. James Payne, chief executive officer and manager of the credit union, took his own life inside his Bear Creek Township home on March 10, approximately a week after the subpoena was served.

In August, Amanda Magda, the credit union’s assistant manager and Payne’s niece, was among five people indicted as a result of an investigation into dirty loans. Former city police officer Tino Ninotti, city police officer Jason Anthony, who is suspended from the department without pay, former city towing contractor Leo A. Glodzik III and credit union member Jeffrey Serafin also were named in the indictments.

  • So if the credit union scandal involved dirty loans involving our favorite villain/towing contractor, Leo (cash thief, cop briber) Glodzik III, how could this relate to Gas-Gate? Was Leo filing his LAG truck(s) at the city pumps?, and if so, will someone please email me the photos?

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From Zozymus, @ the comment section of the Times Leader


Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Mayor calls Parking Attendant a “Thief”

Now that’s rich…. King Lie-A-Ton (known city gas thief) having the nerve to call city parking enforcement attendant Walker a thief, after a Price Chopper employee called the city, and requested a sting be set up, which later found that Walker was pilfering change from the meter collection, and turning it in for cash at the Edwardsville Price Chopper according to the WBPD.

 After all Leighton was pilfering gas from the city pumps for years, and nothing happened to him.

Well unless you call the taxpayers billboard something.

After nearly $4,000 went missing, and nobody at city hall noticed. One has to wonder if not for the actions of the honest hard working Price Chopper employee, would Walker have ever been caught?

Is anyone minding the store in Wilkes-Barre City?

Lie-A-Ton's exact words: “I am extremely angry and disappointed that a city employee was found stealing government funds,” Leighton said. “As mayor, it is imperative that I can trust all city employees to perform their duties in a legal and professional manner. The actions of this particular individual are not a reflection of all city employees. The City of Wilkes-Barre has good, trusted employees and this incident should not tarnish the image of the law abiding individuals who serve the city.”

HA HA HA HA: "As mayor, it is imperative that I can trust all city employees" he said, How about As mayor  it is imperative that we (the taxpayers) can trust YOU!!!!

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