Monday, January 26, 2015

Tony George for Mayor, Leighton said “not so fast”

As Tony George took to the podium in front of about 100 supporters on this COLD Sunday morning, to formally announce his candidacy for mayor of our once great city, and lay out his plan for “Law & Order”

King Lie-A-Ton quickly fired shots at councilman George saying “a goal of ‘law and order’ is certainly a noble one, but would need to be funded in order to be implemented.”, implying that either the city can’t combat crime without more money, or, no not or, that’s it folks, Wilkes-Barre is too broke to fight crime…

His lordship, the all-knowing, King Lie-A-Ton went on to say “When I took office, the city was basically bankrupt,” said Leighton, adding, “the city needs to be fiscally responsible in the long term.”

So when Lie-A-Ton took office the city was “basically bankrupt”? on January 4, 2004 the city was almost but not quite $60,000,000.00 SIXTY MILLION DOLLARS in debt, and defaulting on a TAN = Tax Anticipation Note. WHY because then Mayor McGroarty listened to his council and advisors and only took a 6 month TAN when he should have taken a FULL YEAR, so when it came time to repay, McGroarty sought council approval to refinance the TAN from 6 to 12 months, but then council president Lie-A-Ton said “we are NOT getting a THIRD Tan, are you mad?”……. Even though the third would have replaced the second, causing it to ONLY be a second, but I digress, nevertheless the city defaulted, Lie-A-Ton beat McGroarty, stole office, paid the $300,000.00 in bank fines, and you dolts have voted for him since….

Now under Lie-A-Ton’s “Experienced Leadership” (the slogan you fools re-elected him under nearly 4 years ago) the city has gone from the almost $60,000,000.00 SIXTY MILLION DOLLARS in debt, to just OVER $110,000,000.00 ONE HUNDRED TWENTY MILLION DOLLARS in debt. For those of you who went to WBASD that’s nearly DOUBLE…..

So what took every other mayor before Lie-A-Ton forever to create ($60,000,000.00 SIXTY MILLION DOLLARS), Lie-A-Ton did in just 11 short years, and you keep listening to him….

Now King Lie-A-Ton says “he would announce his intention regarding the mayoral election within the next two weeks.” Rumor has it that he is considering a run for an unprecedented FOURTH term, even though he personally called George Brown, along with every other councilman/woman (except Tony George), and asked them to run for mayor, but yet he’s still unsure of what to do.

Well here’s a clue mayor, pack your bags, grab the lube, and enjoy prison.

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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Frequently robbed store shuts down

A Turkey Hill store that has been in the community longer than most residents shuts its doors for good. The parent company Kroger’s has all but remained silent on the reasons surrounding the closure. 

A spokeswoman for the company told the Citizens Voice the store’s closing was a financial decision. “It comes down to performance,” Hertzog said. “It didn’t justify being open so we had to close it for financial reasons.”

I guess that's partly true. A store employee, who asked not to be identified, told Wake Up Wilkes Barre that the store closed because Kroger’s felt it was unsafe for its employees, as the store was robbed so many times. 

So I guess one could say both are correct. The costs associated with protecting employees, insurance on the rise due to being held up every other week, and so on, balanced against a store with a hard to in and out of parking lot, does seem to fall under “financial reasons.”


The Citizens Voice is also reporting “W-B convenience store clerk robbed at gunpoint”, I guess the assailants found a new location.

Close all the Convenience Stores, or replace city leadership?

Seems like a no-brainer, but this is The W-B….

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