Saturday, September 13, 2014

Is the District Attorney in bed with the CITY?

One might think the Fed’s storming the City Police Station several times during Chief Dessoye’s reign, followed by the arrests of TWO city police officers, involved in the soon to be huge, Wilkes-Barre Employees Federal Credit Union scandal just might be enough to sway any honest politician from posing for photo opts or making public statements of support for the soon to be ex Thief of Police.

But then again this is Luzerne County…

The Citizens Voice is reporting:

Luzerne County District Attorney Stefanie Salavantis said after working with him for over two and a half years, she wishes Dessoye the best.

“He’s been nothing but professional, and we’ve had a wonderful working relationship,” she said. “He’s going to be missed. He is loved in the Wilkes-Barre City Police Department. I’m happy for him and his family.”

WOW Just WOW….

Please remember these statements next election cycle, and as always

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Friday, September 12, 2014

Gazette Cartoons Truly Amazing

King Lie-A-Ton Pilfering the Pump
If you've not seen the September edition of the Independent Gazette, then you're truly missing out on all the great cartoons, and I know great cartoons.

You can grab your Gazette FREE of charge at your local Turkey Hill, or at one of their NEW honor boxes located throughout the city.

FREE honor box
The new Gazette honor boxes, are all baring a very funny cartoon, depicting a Mom pointing her finger, and the caption "Your mom reads the Gazette, Act accordingly". The caption likely a warning to the politically corrupt, and the worst part their mothers probably do read the Gazette, if for no other reason, than to see if their child is once again subject to another federal investigation.

Lackawanna County Judge Margaret Moyle
One might think that a private citizen can attend court as an observer, and the press could also attend, but in Lackawanna County, one would be wrong. If your sporting your Muckraker t-shit not only are you considered a known trouble maker, AKA Muckraker, but your likely to be ejected for allegedly recording the proceedings, even though NO ONE has EVER produced a copy of said recording.

Now it is rumored that Lackawanna County is considering implementing a court dress-code in an effort to ban Muckraker t-shirts from court, but my guess is Lou, and company will find a way to print Muckraker on Hats, Ties, Jackets, Pins, even Briefcases, or Cell Phone Covers.  

The Muckraker Timeline

The Gazette Staff, TRUE Muckrakers
That photo just about sums up why the politically corrupt can't stand the Gazette, and due everything in their power to diminish, or dismiss the success of the Gazette.

Just a few politically corrupt quotes, regarding the Gazette:

King Lie-A-Ton: "nobody reads that paper".

Lehighton School Board President Gloria Bowman: "contrary to what you've read in the Gazette, this spending plan is the only option".

Thief of Police Dessoye: It’s all just rumors, and gossip and muckraking,’ Dessoye said

At the end of the day the Gazette has successfully brought to light that which the politically corrupt would prefer remain in darkness, and for that reason alone they will continue to criticize in the hopes that your one of the few that hasn't a clue.

For the rest please consider taking out a Gazette Subscription. For less than FIVE BUCKS a month, it will not only ensure that you NEVER miss a trick, but it will help the Gazette do what the Gazette does, EXPOSE CORRUPTION....


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