Thursday, October 31, 2013

Hawkeye Broke & Broken

Hawkeye Security Solutions, the city’s worthless 300+ network of citywide camera monitoring system.  Hawkeye was brainchild of our former city administrator turned Hobbs, NM City Manager, J.J. (grab the cash & run) Murphy. Now Hawkeye openly admits it is too broke to function, and is looking to unload the worthless mess of a do nothing, see nothing, imaginary deterrent, on the city.

If you’re thinking either city council or mayor Lie-A-Ton will put up much of a fight, then you must be the one who still believes in Tooth fairy.

Fact is J.J. screwed us, and the King and company wholeheartedly approved of the screwing. All the while, the president, and vice president of Hawkeye were relentlessly defended the system, even as it failed to catch break-in after break-in at our city parking structures, and most recently 3 of the useless mid-town cameras somehow overlooked the nearly fatal beating of the cook from Bart & Urby’s.

President Frank (of the Kings & Queens family) Majikes 
Vice President Greg Barrouk

Now that Hawkeye has squandered not only what little cash it had on hand, but any hope of future grants due to the blatant misuse of federal tax dollars, when its board along with the WBPD Chief lied to the DOJ claiming the Hawkeye system was online with the city’s records management system, known as Total Enforcement, when in fact it NEVER was, and per Barrouk “a mountain of red tape,” is in the way.

Well it’s easy to see why the board members want to wash their hands of the entire mess.

WOW I wish I could cleanse the city of some other mess makers so easily.

Wake Up Wilkes Barre


Saturday, October 26, 2013

FREE Ride Trailways?

Wouldn't it be nice to live rent FREE?

Well if your last name is Henry, and you operate one of the largest bus fleets in the nation, then the taxpayers of Wilkes Barre should not only beg you to service their city, they should pay your rent, clean up the messes made by your patrons, and even provide the basic maintenance that your RENT FREE lease says your responsible for.

WOW whose pockets are the Henry’s lining?

In all fairness to Martz Trailways, I hear that they actually do pay their own electric bills at Intermodal, but that’s about it, as it relates to operating costs, in the city’s downtown.

Based on this story one can’t help but wonder how many other business are getting the same RENT FREE deal, simply because the King is sweet on them?

For instance any one of the downtown bars, that the King has been known to stagger from late at night, or perhaps the Queens Boutique?

Anyone have proof that these businesses actually pay rent?

Wake Up Wilkes Barre


Friday, October 25, 2013

Victim or a criminal?

According to the Citizens Voice the “Wilkes-Barre police are warning residents to be wary of scams after several people were duped out of more than $1,400.”

I’m a bit perplexed by this sudden turn of events, because just a few short months ago, officer Robert Collins was offering to drag an old woman, handcuffed through the city highrise, she lives in, for what he called “Theft by deception and Bad checks”, after she was a victim of crime in the same manner that now the WBPD is now warning us about.

  • So what was that all about, I wonder? 

  • Who in Bobbies friends list was in trouble at the credit union? 

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Friday, October 18, 2013

One Strike serious due process problems who'da thunk?

According to the Times Leader the ACLU is taking issue with the city’s One Strike law.

  • Hum so you can’t barge into someone’s home, remove the battery from their smoke detector, and shut the place down? 

According to Liza Prokop spokesperson for the city three properties have been closed under One Strike

  • 216 Carlisle Street posted on 9/13/2013. Owner appealed.
  • 80 Hickory Street posted on 10/4/2013. No appeal filed to date.
  • 59 Oakwood Lane posted on 10/10/2013. No appeal filed to date. 

The ACLU said there were concerns about “serious due process problems” with the mayor’s proposal to amend the ordinance and set a one-strike limit for gun and drug crimes that would trigger a six-month shut down of a rental unit or building.

Bill Vinsko assistant city attorney said the city “has no plans to change any part of the ordinance” and welcomed the opportunity to meet with the ACLU. “We’re willing to discuss all issues,” Vinsko said. “We want to keep an open dialogue.”

  • In other words “you are welcome to state your concerns, but please remember this is Wilkes Barre, and we do as we please.” 

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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Parking Authority, Hawkeye’s only hope

According to the Citizens Voice The Wilkes-Barre Parking Authority won't give anymore money to Hawkeye Security Solutions until questions about its financial stability are answered.

So pay attention to what Greg Barrouk Hawkeye Vice President, and City Deputy Administrator said, "I hope from attending their meeting, I can answer whatever questions they have," Barrouk said. "Hopefully, we can prove these cameras have been a deterrent."

Talk about a BIG FAT LIE. Let me ask those who have been victimized in our LOW CRIME CITY,
  • Have you seen the tapes? 
  • Did Hawkeye see the man who was beaten the other day in Park & Lock Central? 
  • Did Hawkeye see the thugs Apple Picking in front of a camera on the square? 
  • Did Hawkeye see the thugs Apple Picking in Park & Lock Central?
  • Did Hawkeye see your car(s) being vandalized in Park & Lock Central while you were at Movies 14?
  • For those who still believe Hawkeye was instrumental in the case of that poor child’s hit & run, remember it was King’s College and Thom Greco’s bridal store videos that were released, and it was eye witness reports that led police in the direction of the fleeing car. 

If it fails to win a grant, Barrouk said he's confident the city will find a way to keep the cameras running. Earlier this month, Mayor Tom Leighton said it's possible that the city could end up funding the network with taxpayer dollars.

"Safety and security has been a priority of the mayor since taking office," Barrouk said. "If it's something we have to carve out of our general budget, we will."
  • OK I’ll say it again SAY WHAT?

Now that we've gotten through the BS lets offer the Parking Authority a few solutions.

Murray Ufberg solicitor for the Parking Authority said "Most people here agree that the cameras are a (crime) deterrent, If they're beneficial to the authority and our operations, we should look at renewal, but we should know very well what we're getting into before we do that."

If it’s working cameras you want, here are some inexpensive, practical, solutions that will do what Hawkeye couldn’t (catch the bad guys red handed).
Even if they are no better than Hawkeye, remember they won't cost $100,000.00 Per Year, and LAZ will have access to them. 

Now if your accustom to the do nothing but act like a deterrent, (and Mr. Casey this option is for you) paperweight style dummy cams that your garages currently have.
Same deterrent

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Saturday, October 12, 2013

How to confuse Sheeple

Step ONE: Don’t give them anything, let them starve nearly to death. Once they are to the point of passing out, toss them a crumb and you walk on water.

Step TWO: Repeat step one as needed...

Example: The King doesn’t hire 1 single cop from 2009 – Present, in that time cops are promoted, transferred, retire. Then you hire their replacements, and sell it as 10 NEW HIRES! The Sheep couldn't be happier.

Lie-A-Ton said: "My goal is to hire at least 10 new officers in 2014, but we will closely monitor the strength of city finances to hire as many officers as the general fund can afford”

Translated for the Sheeple: This means we may or may not get some or any of those purposed officers, depending on how looted the general fund becomes.

Now onto the Pay Raise: 

Lie-A-Ton said: “Unionized city employees will receive a 3 percent raise.” Leighton's salary also will increase 3 percent for 2014 to $82,309.  ” It’s consistent with what all the city employees receive,”

Translated for the Sheeple: Wake Up Sheeple THE KING is not an employee!!! He is an Elected Official, and when you STUPID DOLTS, (and you know who you are) voted for this crook, you voted him in at $79,911 NOT $82,309!!!!

FACT: As the King is NO longer stealing 18,000 gallons of GAS, so he can afford to grant himself a $2,398 per year salary increase, and one has to wonder why the PSC gas bills dropped so drastically? (I do wonder if this dipstick District Attorney asked that question.)

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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Cameras see nothing, Feel safe will ya?

photo courtesy the citizens voice
If you were wondering why the city had a pack of DPW workers cleaning the Intermodal last Sunday (a job Martz should do for their FREE RENT), scrubbing, and scouring the building from top to bottom, (ALL OVERTIME) now you know!

During this week’s press conference the mayor spoke about the new Intermodal camera system being added to the city’s now 300+ citywide system, known to the city as Hawkeye, but to the victims of crime as Blindeye, (for reasons well know to our readers as well).

The sign hanging at Intermodal warns that nobody is watching you, even though all previous contacts with Hawkeye call for at least TWO persons monitoring the system, and yet the liars @ RJG (who just so happen to be the largest campaign contributors of the King’s campaign) don’t advise their clients (The Parking Authority) to file for breach of contract. Hum, me wonders why?

"Today is a very good day," Leighton said. "I believe people will feel safer."

Well let’s see your lordship, the cameras at Intermodal have been online since July (per Hawkeye), and we have seen (well not really because the cameras didn't):

  • A car stolen, while officers argued about cameras looking at the ground, or “it’s complicated”. 

You may recall A woman being raped in the stairwell in June (before the cameras coming online), Leighton said he didn't believe the cameras would have prevented that crime, but they would have helped police identify the suspect.

So as nobody is watching they wouldn't help you while being raped but they would have helped police identify the suspect??? Didn't the victim do that on her own?

AND yet you hope we feel safer? We will feel safer when either our worthless D.A. halls you out of city hall in handcuffs, or your office is relocated to Sherman Hills.

Speaking of the shooting gallery, why didn’t Sherman Hills, or any other section of the hood get 64 new cameras?

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