Saturday, October 12, 2013

How to confuse Sheeple

Step ONE: Don’t give them anything, let them starve nearly to death. Once they are to the point of passing out, toss them a crumb and you walk on water.

Step TWO: Repeat step one as needed...

Example: The King doesn’t hire 1 single cop from 2009 – Present, in that time cops are promoted, transferred, retire. Then you hire their replacements, and sell it as 10 NEW HIRES! The Sheep couldn't be happier.

Lie-A-Ton said: "My goal is to hire at least 10 new officers in 2014, but we will closely monitor the strength of city finances to hire as many officers as the general fund can afford”

Translated for the Sheeple: This means we may or may not get some or any of those purposed officers, depending on how looted the general fund becomes.

Now onto the Pay Raise: 

Lie-A-Ton said: “Unionized city employees will receive a 3 percent raise.” Leighton's salary also will increase 3 percent for 2014 to $82,309.  ” It’s consistent with what all the city employees receive,”

Translated for the Sheeple: Wake Up Sheeple THE KING is not an employee!!! He is an Elected Official, and when you STUPID DOLTS, (and you know who you are) voted for this crook, you voted him in at $79,911 NOT $82,309!!!!

FACT: As the King is NO longer stealing 18,000 gallons of GAS, so he can afford to grant himself a $2,398 per year salary increase, and one has to wonder why the PSC gas bills dropped so drastically? (I do wonder if this dipstick District Attorney asked that question.)

Wake Up Wilkes Barre


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