Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Parking Authority, Hawkeye’s only hope

According to the Citizens Voice The Wilkes-Barre Parking Authority won't give anymore money to Hawkeye Security Solutions until questions about its financial stability are answered.

So pay attention to what Greg Barrouk Hawkeye Vice President, and City Deputy Administrator said, "I hope from attending their meeting, I can answer whatever questions they have," Barrouk said. "Hopefully, we can prove these cameras have been a deterrent."

Talk about a BIG FAT LIE. Let me ask those who have been victimized in our LOW CRIME CITY,
  • Have you seen the tapes? 
  • Did Hawkeye see the man who was beaten the other day in Park & Lock Central? 
  • Did Hawkeye see the thugs Apple Picking in front of a camera on the square? 
  • Did Hawkeye see the thugs Apple Picking in Park & Lock Central?
  • Did Hawkeye see your car(s) being vandalized in Park & Lock Central while you were at Movies 14?
  • For those who still believe Hawkeye was instrumental in the case of that poor child’s hit & run, remember it was King’s College and Thom Greco’s bridal store videos that were released, and it was eye witness reports that led police in the direction of the fleeing car. 

If it fails to win a grant, Barrouk said he's confident the city will find a way to keep the cameras running. Earlier this month, Mayor Tom Leighton said it's possible that the city could end up funding the network with taxpayer dollars.

"Safety and security has been a priority of the mayor since taking office," Barrouk said. "If it's something we have to carve out of our general budget, we will."
  • OK I’ll say it again SAY WHAT?

Now that we've gotten through the BS lets offer the Parking Authority a few solutions.

Murray Ufberg solicitor for the Parking Authority said "Most people here agree that the cameras are a (crime) deterrent, If they're beneficial to the authority and our operations, we should look at renewal, but we should know very well what we're getting into before we do that."

If it’s working cameras you want, here are some inexpensive, practical, solutions that will do what Hawkeye couldn’t (catch the bad guys red handed).
Even if they are no better than Hawkeye, remember they won't cost $100,000.00 Per Year, and LAZ will have access to them. 

Now if your accustom to the do nothing but act like a deterrent, (and Mr. Casey this option is for you) paperweight style dummy cams that your garages currently have.
Same deterrent

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