Thursday, October 3, 2013

Cameras see nothing, Feel safe will ya?

photo courtesy the citizens voice
If you were wondering why the city had a pack of DPW workers cleaning the Intermodal last Sunday (a job Martz should do for their FREE RENT), scrubbing, and scouring the building from top to bottom, (ALL OVERTIME) now you know!

During this week’s press conference the mayor spoke about the new Intermodal camera system being added to the city’s now 300+ citywide system, known to the city as Hawkeye, but to the victims of crime as Blindeye, (for reasons well know to our readers as well).

The sign hanging at Intermodal warns that nobody is watching you, even though all previous contacts with Hawkeye call for at least TWO persons monitoring the system, and yet the liars @ RJG (who just so happen to be the largest campaign contributors of the King’s campaign) don’t advise their clients (The Parking Authority) to file for breach of contract. Hum, me wonders why?

"Today is a very good day," Leighton said. "I believe people will feel safer."

Well let’s see your lordship, the cameras at Intermodal have been online since July (per Hawkeye), and we have seen (well not really because the cameras didn't):

  • A car stolen, while officers argued about cameras looking at the ground, or “it’s complicated”. 

You may recall A woman being raped in the stairwell in June (before the cameras coming online), Leighton said he didn't believe the cameras would have prevented that crime, but they would have helped police identify the suspect.

So as nobody is watching they wouldn't help you while being raped but they would have helped police identify the suspect??? Didn't the victim do that on her own?

AND yet you hope we feel safer? We will feel safer when either our worthless D.A. halls you out of city hall in handcuffs, or your office is relocated to Sherman Hills.

Speaking of the shooting gallery, why didn’t Sherman Hills, or any other section of the hood get 64 new cameras?

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