Monday, September 30, 2013

Fence doesn’t hold

The newly installed fence separating Sherman Hills, and Interfaith Heights hasn’t even been up for a month, and already city police are experiencing problems?

Go figure: Another one of his lordships quick fixes doesn’t hold…

According to IRC NUMBER:130194885, OFFICER: Ptl. P. Crawford, On Saturday 09-28-13 at 1325 hrs WBPD received a call stating a male was just observed entering Sherman Hills through a gap in the fence and he zip tied the fence back together. Officers arrived on scene as the male was exiting. Officers instructed the male to stop at which time he fled and was quickly apprehended. Search incident to arrest revealed the male, identified as DAVID CHARLES CALLAHAN, to be in possession of (10) plastic bags of a hard chalky substance, suspected crack cocaine and (2) plastic bags containing suspected heroin.

Who paid for the fence remains under investigation, as two city employees have told Wake Up Wilkes Barre (off the record) that they believe the city paid for the seemingly worthless fence.

AFTER this post went live:

  • WUWB got word from a High ranking city official who said "the city did NOT, in anyway shape or form pay for that fence". 

Now come the problem, all sources who have provided statements to WUWB are trusted, (the 2 employees, and the high ranking official, who has never to the best of our knowledge provided any false information).

So: someone somewhere must believe they did, for a rumor to have funneled down from city hall, the way it did.

Wake Up Wilkes Barre

Srouce: IRC NUMBER:130194885

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