Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Stop Harassing Da’ King, or else!!

Attention ALL City Employees: Should you encounter the King either fully engaged in, or conspiring to do anything, that you, and I know he shouldn’t, you are now required to LOOK THE OTHER WAY…

Pay no attention to that ageing document in Philadelphia, for you have a contract with a union (that swore to protect you), but unfortunately they too are on the Kings payroll.

We the people pay not ONE but TWO, City Liars to spin the law, as the King sees fit, and should you be lucky enough to have an attorney, I’m sure we can find a way around him or her.

Exhibit A: The Backroom Bakery: Founded in 2009, by his lordship, and his car-jacking golden boy, to be the new and improved SWB Chop-Shop.

Exhibit B:  Facebook Rants: Read your union contract, you may not disparage your employer in public.

Exhibit C: Children? If you have them, the King will use them against you, while he hires his own.

Bottom line: Speaking ill of the King shall be grounds for immediate termination, as you are creating a “Hostile Work Environment”.

  • NOTE: The Truth shall be no defense. 

For those readers who have no idea what in the world we are rambling about, please read the Citizens Voice Article below, and remember, the King, and Co. reserves the right to blame any employee, for any article printed, either on Wake Up Wilkes Barre, or in any city newspaper, at anytime, without warning.

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  1. Thought you would like to know that the fence put up at Sherman hills today was paid for by the city, as a taxpayer I am not very happy about this.


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