Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Walter sentenced, Thieves walk FREE

Former Luzerne County Controller, (AKA Corruption Fighter), Walter Griffith will serve three years’ probation for tape-recording the thieves who made off with millions in taxpayer funds, that should have been used to repair the now demolished Hotel Sterling.

Now don’t get me wrong Griffith did commit a crime. He broke Pennsylvania Law when he recorded slime balls telling him how they stashed the cash, and saved their A$$, but more importantly Griffith violated a longstanding Luzerne County Policy of not ratting each other out, and for that alone Griffith MUST be punished.

After all who did Griffith think he was, recording the all knowing, self-important, Judd Shoval, who likely enjoyed telling Griffith exactly where the cash was stashed, and how he could do nothing about it?

For those of you who are enjoying Griffith’s demise, we do have to wonder WHY? Whose pocket do you have your hand planted in?

Again Griffith broke the law, and should be punished for his crime, but what of those who made off with taxpayers cash, gas, auto repairs, garbage pick-up, or anything else for that matter?

Well in Luzerne County, they will likely be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Look all I am saying is, let the punishment fit the crime, and apply the same level of prosecution to ALL….

Let’s prosecute, not prostitute corrupt public officials, because at this point I believe the Luzerne County Court House should be renamed the Luzerne County Whore House.

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