Friday, October 28, 2011

Endorsements Made Easy

Wake up Wilkes Barre
  • Albert Einstein once said "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results". Think about this quote for a second and ask yourself, does this quote apply to the way we VOTE? 

  • Its time to vote for the person not the party.

  • Vote 4 the Newbie: They’re not yet corrupted!
  • Incumbents   = corruption. 
  • Albert Einstein once said "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results". Think about this quote for a second and ask yourself, does this quote apply to the way we VOTE? 
  • Its time to vote for the person not the party.

    My Recommendations:

    City of Wilkes Barre
    • Mayor: Lisa Cope (R)
    •  Controller:  Karen Ceppa (R)
    •  City Council District A: Claire M. Wert (R)
    • City Council District B: Vincent Guarneri (R)
    • City Council District C: Stephen J. Urban (R)
    • City Council District DLinda J. Urban (R)
    • City Council District E: Virgil Argenta (R)

          Wilkes-Barre Area School District
          School Director

          1. Kathy Grinaway (R)

          Luzerne County
          •  District Attorney:  Stefanie J. Salavantis (R)
          Judge of the Court of Common Pleas:
          1. Dick Hughes (R)
           County Council
          1. Stephen J. Urban (R)
          2. Rick Morelli (R)
          3. Gina Nevenglosky (R)
          4. Harry Haas (R)
          5. Joyce Dombroski-Gebhardt (R)
          6. William Bill James (R)
          7. Blythe H. Evans III (R)
          8. Stephen A. Urban (D)
          9. Charlie Bible Buck Hatchko (AI)
          Commonwealth of Pennsylvania:
          •  Judge of the Superior Court:  Vic Stabile (R)
          •  Judge of the Commonwealth Court:  Anne Covey (R)

          Wednesday, October 26, 2011

          Did Tommy want 2 Be Mayor that BAD?

          Tommy’s Crowning Achievement? For 8 long years now we have all heard “the anointed one” King Tommy tout his success. While no can dispute Tommy singlehandedly restored the Cities Credit Rating, I wondered how it got damaged in the 1st place.

          What I found out is this: TAN: Tax Anticipation Loan, this is the type of loan all municipalities use to pay operating expenses while they wait for citizens to pay their taxes. That being said let’s look at what Wilkes Barre did back then.  

          In 2003 Mayor McGroarty took a 6mo TAN from FNCB instead of the standard 1 year TAN. Why who knows but when he realized his error and went to council to ask for permission to refinance the error at a lower rate from PNC. Council Chairman at the time Thomas Leighton said NO WAY. No way are we giving a 3rd TAN!

          Now my question then and now is if you have a mortgage that is in foreclosure and another lender offers you a chance to refinance at a lower rate would you not JUMP on it? Well King Tommy didn’t, and I wonder why. The Citizens Voice 09/18/03 Stated “McGroarty feels council's inaction on the city's third TAN of the year is politically motivated.” Ya think?

          What happened next? 
          • Well we “The City” defaulted! Credit rating in the toilet! 
          • McGroarty lost to King Tommy! 
          • King Tommy got council approval to refinance! 
          • We “The City” paid $500,000.00 in penalties and late fees! 
          • Credit Rating Restored YEAH!!! 
          • Go King Tommy! Proudest Achievement my FOOT!! 

          Wake Up Wilkes Barre!

          Sunday, October 23, 2011

          What do you Believe?

          What Tommy said V.S. What we (The City) got!

          • What he said:    The theater project
          • What we got:   A bankrupt theater & empty store fronts / vandalized cars.

          • What he said-     The Intermodal Transportation Center
          • What we got-    A $12 million dollar garage that cost $27 million/ An overpriced bus station that stole 3 Million from the Hotel Sterling

          • What he said-     The Hotel Sterling
          • What we got-   Dilapidated shell used for embezzling 20 million/ Lies to the federal government about pre-flood status.

          • What he said-  The street lights
          • What we got-  An excuse to rip down canopies

          • What he said-     The Riverfront Project
          • What we got-      Federal Funded View of river

          • What he said-     The Pine Ridge Development
          • What we got     A home for Leo Godzic/ A few homes surrounded by weeds and dirt/ townhouses that won’t sell.

          • What he said-     Computerized City Government
          • What we got-    Missing Credit Card Statements & nonexistent records/ A system that can be corrupt faster.

          • What he said-     And yesterday, I authorized our Fire Chief to put specifications together for 3 new fire engines and 2 new ambulances.
          • What we got-       Three Closed fire stations. /3 repair hogs

          • What he said-     We have spent more than $3 million dollars to make our streets cleaner and our neighborhoods safer. 
          • What we got-    Potholes, Drugs, Crime, Gangs, Weeds, Dirty storm drains and… broken street sweepers.

          • What he said-     Our Fire Department is second to none and we will continue to be fully committed to them to ensure their safety and the safety of our residents and visitors. 
          • What we got-      Understaffed, overworked firefighters with limited tools.

          • What he said-     Our Department of Public Works will continue to be supported with new equipment that will allow us to keep our streets and neighborhoods cleaner.
          • What we got-  DPW cut more than in half by Tommy.

          • What he said-     City Hall employees have been provided with new, upgraded computer technology which will allow us to better serve the entire city.
          • What we got-      A friend sold us computers at double the cost of Staples.

          • What he said-     We have established a new “Yard of the Month” program recognizing the best kept properties in our neighborhoods. These properties will receive gift certificates from local businesses for their efforts.
          • What we got-   Any yard with a Tom Leighton sign is eligible to play.

          • What he said-     A new project termed The Leighton Initiative will establish a program where we go into neighborhoods, purchase multiple bad properties, demolish them and turn the land over to people committed to building new homes on larger properties.
          • What we got-   Sell them to a campaign contributor for less than the city paid for them / The Sullivan Street Fire!!!

          • What he said-     The program, called “Invest in Wilkes-Barre”, will provide the City with $3 million dollars for small business lending.
          • What we got-      Bankrupted Chamber of Commerce. / Bars..... Lots of Bars. Closed restaurants and businesses.

          • What he said-     Invest in Wilkes-Barre” will not only bring business to our downtown, but allow main roads like George Ave to once again become a thriving business district.
          • What we got   Drug houses/ blight/ burnt building/ weeds / men urinating outside and people smoking crack and shooting up at the local drug bar.

          • What he said-     Within the next year we will have a new restaurant occupying the former First National Bank on Public Square.
          • What we got-      DID I MISS SOMETHING?

          • What he said-      We are also going to install cameras for public safety in our neighborhood parks and in our downtown.
          • What we got-   A multimillion dollar system that rarely works and takes pictures of leaves when it does / A home security system for JJ Murphy & Tommy.

          • What he said-     We would like to outfit our police cruisers and fire engines with computers to make their jobs safer. Can you imagine firefighters having building plans and hydrant layouts within seconds while they are responding to a fire?
          • What we got-   NOTHING. Absolutely…. NOTHING.

          • What he said-     We will purchase a municipal software program that will allow residents to utilize city services from home.
          • What we got-    Yeah Right! / When? / They can't even accept PayPal!/ How's that going?

          • What he said-     Not only are we getting new playground equipment in Coal Street Park and Kirby Park, but we are looking at redoing both parks.
          • What we got-      Rink for the Penguins. Tiny playground at Coal Street and a taxpayers paid trip to Las Vegas for Councilman Tony Thomas so he could rent movies in his room with city credit card. !  Kirby Park  NOTHING except… scum and grime floating in pond.

          • What he said-     We are in the beginning stages of planning with the PENGUINS a comprehensive overhaul of Coal Street Park, which will include bringing back ice and deck hockey along with additional recreational activities.
          • What we got-      Residents can use it 12 Hours per Month.

          • What he said-    At Kirby Park, we are looking at adding a lighted rubberized running track and a permanent Healing Field memorial.
          • What we got-    Nothing…. Sorry they must have forgotten Kirby Park was still in Wilkes Barre.
            What do you believe???

              Thursday, October 20, 2011

              DA to Decide

              For those of you that didn’t hear Steve Corbett today on WILK: He spoke with a citizen of Wilkes Barre City, Linda Urban as she reported that she personally filed criminal charges against City Mayor Tom Leighton, and former City Administrator JJ Murphy. Alleging both men Misappropriated Public Fund, and conspired to commit a crime.
              WOW: Good for Linda having the courage and tenacity to stand up for the citizens of our great city. My only hope is that DA Jackie Musto Carroll will do the same, and either move forward with the investigation or recuse herself and move this case to the Pennsylvania State Attorney General 

              I would encourage everyone to call Jackie Phone: (570) 825-1674 and demand she fully investigate or step aside. 

              Wednesday, October 19, 2011

              Altered or Not?

              This is what we know for sure. JJ Murphy former City Administrator was so afraid of a note left in his mailbox he billed the taxpayers for a security system for his home on Plymouth Ave. 

              Then JJ Moved to Reliance Drive, and took the system with him. 

              Ok here is where we run into trouble according to city records we paid $4,075.00 for the system, and then $6,500.00 to move, and upgrade it. The Invoices billed to the city seem to have some discrepencies.

              Ship to Info: Why is it hand written?

              Q: did Torbik computer generate everything except the Ship To, and if so why?    

              Next Q: If we did move the security system to the police station WHY?

              • What is does a security system do? 
              • I ask this as I have one in my home, and when it goes off I always thought it would summon the police. 
              • So why do we need one at the police station, aren’t they already there?  
              • Now I ask are they altered? 
              • If so why?
              • If not will someone from Torbik please explain what happened? 

              I’m thinking White Out????

              Wake Up Wilkes Barre 

              Monday, October 17, 2011

              Just Charge Tommy

              Where do we even start with this one? From Tony Thomas claiming he needed to take trips to Las Vegas where he charged the taxpayers for videos rentals from the Excalibur Hotel, and Casino, and Orlando FL. All to get information about a splash pad. 

              A Splash Pad like the ones at Wild Water Kingdom in Allentown, or like the ones at the Fun Park in Clarks Summit. You know folks Clarks Summit where we stay at the Nichols Village Hotel because the drive of 28 miles is just too much round trip.

              Then you have the outrages Working Lunches, of JJ Murphy! This is wasteful spending at its finest.
              If outrages spending weren’t bad enough we still have City Hall claiming we cannot find 87 missing Credit Card Statements.
              • Thomas Leighton 37 Missing Statements
              • Marie Mc Cormick 24 Missing Statements
              • JJ Murphy 14 Missing Statements
              • Jim Ryan/ City Council 12 Missing Statements
              • Total 87 Missing Statements

              From Bank of America, The largest commercial bank in the nation. This bank is completely online folks. So with just a few mouse clicks these statements could be downloaded, and printed. 
              • So I ask you what are they hiding?
              • If you aren’t hiding anything why not release the statements?
              • Is frivolous spending all or is there something you really don’t want us to know about.
              • Something illegal?
              • Tickets Perhaps? 
              • I smell a cover up!!!

              Credit card statements shed light on city spending

              Sunday, October 16, 2011

              Hostile Corporate Takeover Underway

              Corporation: City of Wilkes Barre:

              • Facts

              1. The City is a Corporation
              2. Mayor = CEO
              3. Council = Board of Directors
              4. Citizens = Stockholders
              5. Stock Price = Taxes

              • Questions:

              1. How long does the Board of Directors rubber-stamp a CEO that is Unethical or Misappropriating Funds?
              2. Would Stockholders retain a CEO that keeps the company stock in free fall?
              3. Would a CEO be charged with a crime if he used company funds for private home upgrades?
              Business Name History

              Name Type
              CITY OF WILKES-BARRE
              Current Name

              PA Miscellaneous Business Corporation - Domestic - Information
              Entity Number:
              Entity Creation Date:
              Registered Office Address:
              LUZERNE COUNTY
              WILKES-BARRE PA 0 -0
              Mailing Address:
              No Address

              PA Corporations Search
              Wake Up Wilkes Barre
              • This City is Your Corporation as a Citizen, Resident, Tax Payer. 
              • You OWN it! You PAY for it! 
              • Now you may be thinking: I only Rent or Go 2 School in The WB so why should I CARE? 
              Let me tell you as a Renter your landlord pays for corruption through Property Tax, so you pay through Rent. College Students pay not only through High Tuition but through Rent, Crime, Quality of Off Campus Life.
              • Fact:
              • If taxes we lower Rent would be lower. 
              • As a resident Voter you have a voice, please use it. Take over time has arrived.  

              Friday, October 14, 2011

              30 Day Delay! BIG surprise!

              Just as we stated in a previous blog post: Warning Pants on Fire! A 30 day extension is enacted for the following reasons.
              1. High volume of requests: Ok considering just the 3 RTK requests I personally sent in this week alone I’ll buy that!
              2. Staffing limitations: With all the wasteful spending on Top of the Line Home Security Systems, other misappropriated fund issues plaguing our city, coupled with the missing 3 LAG payments the City cant or wont pony up checks for. I guess I’ll buy that excuse as well.
              3. Documents are in a remote location: WOW, LAG Towing: 307 Carey Ave. Wilkes Barre, PA 18702 is considered a remote location? Since when? The more important questions should be:

              • Why are they still there? 
              • Why hasn’t Police Chief Gerry Dessoye demanded these records?
              • Why hasn’t LAG Towing upheld its obligation under the terms of the Towing Contract?
              • Why hasn’t our Mayor filed for Breach of Contract against LAG Towing

              Well I can easily answer all of these questions and more with 1 word folks. INCOMPETENCE!!!!

              What did we ask for you might be wondering? The exacting same thing Mark M Robbins of Forty Fort has been requesting for months now. His appeal in was won but yet noting from the city or LAG??? E-mailed right to know request! 

              “[a]ll records of monthly inventories of vehicles to be submitted to the Wilkes-Barre Police Chief as part of the towing contract between the city of Wilkes-Barre and LAG Towing and/or Transport (owed by Leo Glodzik III) since the inception of the contract.”

              Wake Up Wilkes Barre!

              Wake Up Wilkes Barre TV