Friday, October 14, 2011

30 Day Delay! BIG surprise!

Just as we stated in a previous blog post: Warning Pants on Fire! A 30 day extension is enacted for the following reasons.
  1. High volume of requests: Ok considering just the 3 RTK requests I personally sent in this week alone I’ll buy that!
  2. Staffing limitations: With all the wasteful spending on Top of the Line Home Security Systems, other misappropriated fund issues plaguing our city, coupled with the missing 3 LAG payments the City cant or wont pony up checks for. I guess I’ll buy that excuse as well.
  3. Documents are in a remote location: WOW, LAG Towing: 307 Carey Ave. Wilkes Barre, PA 18702 is considered a remote location? Since when? The more important questions should be:

  • Why are they still there? 
  • Why hasn’t Police Chief Gerry Dessoye demanded these records?
  • Why hasn’t LAG Towing upheld its obligation under the terms of the Towing Contract?
  • Why hasn’t our Mayor filed for Breach of Contract against LAG Towing

Well I can easily answer all of these questions and more with 1 word folks. INCOMPETENCE!!!!

What did we ask for you might be wondering? The exacting same thing Mark M Robbins of Forty Fort has been requesting for months now. His appeal in was won but yet noting from the city or LAG??? E-mailed right to know request! 

“[a]ll records of monthly inventories of vehicles to be submitted to the Wilkes-Barre Police Chief as part of the towing contract between the city of Wilkes-Barre and LAG Towing and/or Transport (owed by Leo Glodzik III) since the inception of the contract.”

Wake Up Wilkes Barre!

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