Thursday, October 13, 2011

Warning Pants on Fire!

Ok here we go again. Now instead of the Mayor making crap up, we now have JJ running off in the paper, claiming yes you caught us with our hands in the Tax Payer Cookie Jar, but you were only looking because it’s Election time. Well to that I say Wake Up JJ we as Citizens only have an opportunity once every 4 years to take out the trash.

You guys have all the time you want to molest the taxpayers, and as for us looking. I dare you to come over to the other side, and try to get a document, any document from city hall. RTK in Wilkes Barre is a JOKE. When you submit your request, you can expect a 30 day delay on anything. It doesn’t matter if the papers are right on your desk or available online from the Banks website. It will take the City 30 days to send you anything other than what your actually requested. Then you send an appeal to the State, and after that is approved GUESS WHAT, yep that’s right another 30 days.

I love where JJ was quoted in the Citizens Voice "I think I went over and above what was necessary." Claiming that because he pays for the monitoring fee on the security system that we bought him, I might add that he did more than he should. WOW! This guy just doesn’t get it! Let me explain it to you JJ your employer is not required to buy you a security system because a party next door overflowed into your yard, and the drunken folks attempted to gain access to the wrong house. Lie to someone without a scanner.

If a note ever existed threatening you or the Mayor, and I highly doubt it did! Let me be the first to clue you in on something. People say crap all the time, but rarely follow through. Just take a look at City Hall and you’ll see what I mean. I doubt you or Tommy were ever in any danger, and even if you were, what’s up don’t you trust our Safe City, or fantastic police department? 

So again I say Liar, Liar Pants on Fire, and here is my warning with all the cuts the Mayor has made to our Fire department I would be careful if I were you, they may not have the needed time nor tools to come douse your paints before you burn alive. 

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