Sunday, October 9, 2011

Leighton's Gotta Go!

I don't make this crap up!
WBRE FOX NEWS @ 10pm 10/08/11

Even the Citizens Voice is finally seeing Tommy for what, and who he really is. The Times Leader on the other hand not so much, they still think the sun shines out of his anus!

  • This blogger would like to send out a special thank you to the folks at the Voice for reporting the TRUTH as we all know it's a tough thing to sell is this town. 

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Editorial: Mayor should take hard look at hirings (Citizens Voice News Paper)

In brief (Times Leader New Paper)


  1. Our infamous Mayor even made the news in Silicon Valley, CA. Sadly, it was a black eye for Wilkes-Barre. I read a post somewhere from someone in the "know" that TML would be better off to resign and bow out graciously, rather than wait for the hearings concerning Kanjorski, Musto, and others. Someone is looking into impeachment procedures in the event he chooses to let his ego dictate?? He can't be impeached if he's not in office.

  2. Friday afternoon, I was driving on Dagobert from Plymouth to Firwood. A SUV was sittin on my side of the road, facing the opposite direction, with a car parked on the other side of the street. The SUV backed up so I could pass, but as I passed I was glared at by the driver, and I could see him saying something. As I looked closer, I saw it was Mr. Leighton! He should know better than to block the road and should treat all people the same way at all times.

  3. I did see the Silicon Valley, CA link

    I have heard nothing about the impeachment procedures. Although I am not at all suppressed, and quite frankly it's about time. The amount of crap they at City Hall are getting away with is mind blowing.

    As for the traffic complaint. This is not the first time I have heard something like that. In fact he is known to run the stop sigh behind Kistler coming to and from Barney Farms. Why would we expect him to obey the traffic laws when he ignores all the others?


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