Friday, July 26, 2013

Blame the Billboard

For those of you who might have missed the memo, there is a Giant Billboard of The King pilfering gas in
his undershirt on Business Route 309 (coming from Kmart toward Sheetz), and some (likely suckholes) are now claiming, that new business might not want to come here as a result of the billboard, because of the negative light that it casts.

Imagine that folks, it’s A billboard, (highlighting the king pilfering gas in his undershirt) that allegedly disrupted the massive line of new economic growth, that must have been lurking about (possibly stuck in traffic on Interstate 81).

Forget about the Murder-A-Month Club, and the oh so low crime rate that’s acting like a deterrent, and lets blame a billboard, but whatever you do, don’t look to the King, and ask, hey why are you stealing gas in your undershirt?

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Shortly after the Taxpayers unveiled their Billboard this week the King spoke out on the Sue Henry show: "I am the King, and I was the first to admit that I took gas, and after all... who is going to stop the King?"

OK, I admit that may not have been the exact quote from his Lordship, but what came next is "people need to Get A Life" was the King's response to the Billboard. That's right everyone of you, who are paying for his gas at the DPW, and also reimbursing him for his trips to Harrisburg, (after he fueled up at the DPW) need to Get A Life. Don't question the King people, he stole gas in the daytime so that must make it right.
P.S. If it was legal why didn't he log it out? And why were we the city fined and told not to do it in 2007? The District Attorney has a copy of that 2007 letter from The Pennsylvania Department of Revenue.

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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wanna Buy a Bridge on the Cheap?

Former city of Wilkes-Barre tow-truck driver Leo A. Glodzik III actually bought a bridge. The old Coxton Railroad Bridge in Exeter Township, to be exact.

Now we’ve all heard of what a great business opportunity there could be for a savvy investor with buying these bridges and all, but few of us have ever actually contemplated it. Not Leo however, he apparently knows a deal when he sees it, I’m guessing.

Now according to the Citizens Voice the county will pay $614,671 to demolish the bridge Leo  paid $5000 for "several years ago," from the county's redevelopment authority according to Andrew Reilly, executive director of the county community development office.

The not so bright side: The County will place a lien on any property Glodzik owns for the cost of the removal, but the former tow truck driver already owes the state more than $500,000 in unpaid income taxes and faces a lien for that debt also. So in other words Fat Chance….

Since Glodzik did not return a telephone message late Tuesday to the Citizens Voice reporter Peter Cameron one can only wonder what Leo had planned for the old bridge???

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Monday, July 22, 2013

Thank you Citizens Voice

Please take the time to read The Citizens Voice Editorial Someone must pay for Gasgate debacle

  • Sad fact is that We The People have and are paying for the Gasgate debacle and NOT ONE honest, reputable law enforcement agency will step up and charge our King with theft. Our District Attorney is either incompetent by choice or lacks the experience needed to do her job. 
  • Wake Up Stefanie, this is the case that separates the honest from the honestly corrupt. 

The Citizens Voice points out that a $25,919 fine was assessed against us (The Taxpayers of the City) for its failure to account for 67,000 gallons of tax-exempt gasoline…

Remember that taxpayer-funded security system installed in Leighton's home and the summer jobs with city agencies that went to his children and those of his political allies?

The Leighton administration claims poor record-keeping, not theft????
  • Ya and I’m the King of France!

Luzerne County District Attorney's Office, which has investigated for a nearly a year but has yet to decide if there is criminal wrongdoing involved. District Attorney Stefanie Salavantis plans to meet this week with county detectives to determine if charges will be filed.

If Salavantis has any proof, she should pursue prosecution aggressively.
  • How about this???
If this is not theft, then why is truck 185 blocking the security camera?

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Friday, July 19, 2013

$25,919 Gas Gate Fine Sticks

The Citizens Voice is reporting that according to The Pennsylvania Department of Revenue the city didn't provide enough evidence to overrule the fine of $25,919, which was the result of an investigation that found 67,000 gallons of the city's fuel was unaccounted for in the city's records over a two-year period.

  • Don’t blame The Pennsylvania Department of Revenue on this one. After all how can we expect them to accept falsified reports and estimates for gas used in cars the city had decommissioned? 

Despite an investigation by the Luzerne County District Attorney's Office into the missing gas, Municipal Affairs Manager Drew McLaughlin said Thursday that the discrepancies were the result of a widespread lapse in record keeping, not theft.

  • Come on Drew what do you call it when the King allows his family to fuel up on our dime?

The Pennsylvania Department of Revenue reminded the city it was informed of its record keeping responsibilities when the DOR conducted an investigation in 2007, according to the ruling.

  • So this isn’t the first time The King was told about stealing gas.

McLaughlin said the poor record keeping stretched across all city departments. Even Mayor Tom Leighton, who pumped gas into his personal vehicles, failed to document his gas use. Leighton has said he was authorized to use the gas because he didn't receive mileage reimbursement.

  • Good answer “I didn’t take reimbursement so me, and my family could swipe gas, after all, had I taken mileage reimbursement I would have had to account for the 7 square miles I traveled daily”.

Even though taxpayers ultimately paid the price, McLaughlin said he wasn't aware of disciplinary action against any city employees.

  • Now there's an F’n surprise!! 

However, criminal charges could stem from District Attorney Stefanie Salavantis' nearly year-long investigation into the missing gas. Salavantis said Thursday that detectives have completed their investigation, and she plans to meet with them next week to decide whether to file charges.

  • We’re not holding our breath Steph, after all we’ve seen you hobnobbing with The King. 

Salavantis acknowledged the investigation has taken longer than she expected, but that other cases concerning public safety have taken precedence.

"I know it's been a while," Salavantis said. "I'm hoping to have a decision soon."

  • As soon as Mike Duh-Soye tells you how to spin this???

McLaughlin said the city plans to correct the record-keeping problem by installing a new gas pump that requires a keycard and will electronically monitor all dispensed fuel. McLaughlin said the installation is nearly complete, but employees will have to be trained before it can be implemented.

  • So even though the new system has been installed, it’s still not in use? How hard could swiping a card be? What kind of morons do you have working down there?

 Never mind this video of  DPW Employee Tony White "out sick, stealing city services" reminds us.

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Thursday, July 18, 2013

LAG Arbitration Frustration?

From a distance one might think Leo A. Glodzik III, owner of LAG Towing, the city’s suspended towing contractor, might be worried that he, and his company are headed down the Susquehanna without a paddle, but sources close to LAG and City Hall, tell Wake Up Wilkes Barre, that nothing could be further from the truth.

In fact Leo has been allegedly given certain assurances from The King, and Co. that once this whole mess blows over LAG will be back towing for the city once again.

Whether that’s true or not remains to be seen, but if I were Leo I wouldn’t put too much stock into anything The King has to say, as he’s been known to fib a time or two in the past.

In addition to the arbitration hearing Leo is also facing criminal charges, for allegedly keeping $1,000 and provided $1,100 to an undercover state police officer working with the FBI, after finding the cash in a vehicle he towed.

Now once again folks might be thinking that if Leo cops a deal with The Pennsylvania State Police, he might skate, but sources close to the PSP investigation also told Wake Up Wilkes Barre that Leo ain’t spilling there either, and why should he when everyone he has been trusting, is telling him “Don’t worry Leo the PSP, ain’t got nothin on you, and this will be dismissed at the hearing”, well anyone care to wager a bet on that one?

A preliminary hearing on the charges is scheduled for Monday, July 22 at 1:30PM before District Judge Paul Roberts in Kingston.

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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Sexual Abuse Of Children, now Block Party???

I’ve seen City Officials jump into bed with some crazy, shady, immoral characters before but Oh My God, does this takes the cake.

A priest, turned Child Sex Offender, turned Church Helper, turned Block Partier? What is wrong with you people?

I seriously have to wonder WHY in the name of all that is holy, would Rev Walker allow anyone who committed crimes against a child to have any type of leadership role at his church, and not at the very least inform his parishioners of the same? COME ON, if you’re going to allow someone to be around children and assume a church leadership role, where your automatically assumed to have a level of trust under the banner of the church, don’t you think you owe it to your parishioners to tell them who is interacting with their child?

AND now onto WHY City Officials would EVER hop into bed with an organization that has ties to any person, who is NOT just accused, BUT convicted of Sexual Abuse Of Children??

Add caption
It’s clearly evident by the past transgression of our elected officials, and several high ranking city officials that there is something radically wrong with the moral compass at City Hall, but come on, what kind of person would knowingly get into bed with a known sex offender of children no less?

I’ve completely had it with this city, torches and pitchforks people, LETS GO!!!

Wake Up Wilkes Barre


Friday, July 12, 2013

So crime isn't down?

According to the Time Leader article Gun violence shoots up 21 percent in Wilkes-Barre, The city experienced a 21-percent jump in serious crime from January through the end of June, compared to the same time in 2012, according to the state police Uniform Crime Report.

What? I thought "In fact, crime is down in the city," and "The reason why it appears there's more crime is because we have more officers on the street arresting more people."

But according to that pesky Times Leader: "Violence involving guns is the most troubling, accounting for the deaths of six people and injuries to others in multiple shootings and assaults, statistics say."

And what does the city have to say about this, you may be asking??? Well in “an email sent to Liza Prokop, community relations coordinator, seeking an interview with police Chief Gerard Dessoye was not returned on Thursday.” Said Edward Lewis of The Times Leader, so it would seem that the former YMCA Towel-Girl, turned City Spokeswoman isn't just refusing to speak to The Wilkes-Barre Independent Gazette, as reported in their article WB City Spokeswoman Won’t Speak to Gazette, its simply that the City Spokeswoman won’t speak period.

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Monday, July 8, 2013

ANOTHER Sweetheart Deal, BUT NOT 4U

Ok here comes another Sweetheart SCAM???
Breakdown of The WBIG article Taxpayers Bankrolling Sweetheart Deals

Step 1: A property appears on Upset Tax Sale (with all liens) after its owner fails to pay their property taxes for three consecutive years.

Step 2: If a property does not sell at Upset Tax Sale (with the liens), it then appears on a Free and Clear Sale. (no liens)

Spep3:  In-between the Upset, and Free and Clear sales, state law allows for a Private Bid to be placed by anyone other than the owner.

Step 4: Once such a private bid is placed then 10% of bid price or $300, whichever is greater, is to be paid to the county tax claim bureau and the property is then placed for public bid via a newspaper notice.
If no one else submits a higher bid on the property, then the initial bid is submitted for approval to all taxing bodies to which are due outstanding taxes, since those taxes will be forgiven in this sale. (i.e. School Board, City Council, County Council)

Step 5: Court Approval (ONLY Judge Vough in cases of tax claims)

Step 6: Following this court approval, according to Northeast Revenue’s website, their own policy states that the bidder has fifteen days to tender payment for the bid amount, transfer tax, and other fees.


Section 6 of the Northeast Revenue policy also states: “If the successful bidder fails to comply with the terms and conditions of the sale, he will forfeit ALL monies already paid to the Tax Claim Bureau.”

So should a bidder (Swinka) not make payment, and take ownership within 15 days of court approval (as Swinka Realty Investments, LLC, did for YEARS), the bid(s) should be void, and bidder(s) are then barred from any future bidding, (Per  attorney John Rodgers, solicitor for Northeast Revenue, and their policy) .

Ya let’s see if that one happens.

Rodgers also thanked the Independent Gazette for bringing this matter to his attention, and said, “Northeast Revenue will immediately file petitions to void the sales of the twenty-eight properties remaining unsatisfied, unless by some mere chance Swinka should come in and pay for the remaining twenty-eight properties before we can file.”

So Rodgers, and Northeast Revenue got caught with their paints down, and their hands all up in the taxpayers cookie jar, and NOW things will change???

Is it just me or is EVERYTHING you touch in this town tainted???

Wake Up Wilkes Barre


Saturday, July 6, 2013

Mayor blames critics, Gazette seeks elbow grease

When a couple of city police officers paid a visit to His Lordship, requesting more beat cops to help combat the NEW lowered crime rate NOW sweeping the city. The King allegedly replied with “blame the critics”. It’s their fault we (the city) can’t afford to hire more cops. If they had allowed me to move forward with the leasing of the parking authority, then we would have the money for more cops.

Who actually believes that one? My guess is he would have squandered the money faster than J.J. could screw up a Mark Twain quote.

Just to be clear: 

  • So it’s not the wasteful trips to Las Vegas seeking information on a splash pad (like the one in Scranton, or Clarks Summit) and by the way ours (Vegas style) now broken?
  • It likely has nothing to do with all those rental inspections the city DIDN'T do at places like Sherman Hood.
  • It’s not the 18,000 gallons of missing gas, over JUST a 2 year period, (likely MUCH, MUCH more that 18,000 gallons)?
  • It’s not the $4,000,000.000 see noting ($10,000 per camera) citywide Blindeye system?
  • It’s not all those NO BID contracts to your campaign contributor buddies?
  • I’m also betting it has nothing to do with paying a slimy little weasel and his shyster brothers law firm hundreds per hour for NOTHING, that caused our financial demise. 

Let’s face it we (the city) are broke, and crime ridden, and there is ONLY ONE person to blame, but there is still something you (your lordship) can do to improve the look of the city without spending a dime. The Independent Gazette points out that “Pride” is just about gone in the city, and with “a shovel, a screwdriver, and with a little elbow grease”  the King could make some improvements without soaking the city.

FACT: unless there is something in it for The King it won’t happen, so if it were election time, or a campaign kickbacker said “I’ve got a screwdriver, and a can of elbow grease. I will do the repairs for a quick Million in lowest bidder contract costs, and then tons of overruns, and I will also drop off white padded envelopes at city hall for you, just to keep you apprised of our progress. Then and only then will these no or low cost fixes actually get fixed.

Photos courtesy of The Wilkes Barre Independent Gazette

Broken @ Kirby Park

Glad to see we're recycling

Wake Up Wilkes Barre


Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Do noting DA says “Nothing to see here”

According to The Times Leader “DA dismisses security system complaint against Leighton, Murphy”

It would appear that it's OK for Leighton and Murphy to spend OVER $15,000 on their PRIVATE HOME security systems, and NEVER returned them, nor claim them as GIFTS on their income tax.

Now The King working as the Realtor is selling, NOT SOLD, selling the home that STILL contains the $6,500 Torbik system according the Sellers Property Disclosure Statement uploaded to the MLS by Leighton, and signed by both Mr., & Mrs. Murphy on 25 Oct 12

Yet our Dipody Do DA wrote “it was found that when Mr. Murphy terminated his employment with Wilkes-Barre City, he took the appropriate steps in returning the usable components of the alarm system that was installed in his home to Wilkes-Barre City. The system has been personally viewed by my office in order to ensure that it is in the hands of its rightful owner.”

Stefanie are you lying? Or did you just see a box of old camera's and components and assume that must be it, because that's what they (The City Liar's) told you?

Wake Up Salavantis…

Murphy left the administration in early 2010 to start a private consulting business, per news clippings.

Yet October 28, 2011 The Times Leader published “Alarm bill received in error, city says” Author: BILL O’BOYLE showed it was still in the home then, and per the Sellers Property Disclosure Statement, It is STILL there NOW, and Leighton may personally profit from the sale of a home that now has an increased value due to the Taxpayer Gifted Security System.

JJ’s Comments translated by WUWB

The purchased was discussed with City Council and approved by the City Controller.
  • OK, where will we find those Council minutes?

Mrs. Urban’s complaint is filled with factual inaccuracies. I paid for the removal of the cameras and returned them to the city.
  • Mrs. Urban’s complaint said you (JJ the slime) got an upgrade to your home, paid for by the people of Wilkes-Barre, and didn’t claim the GIFT of $6,500 on your taxes. TRUE or FALSE?

As for the removal of the Hawkeye Camera’s they should NEVER have been there!
  • Mr. Sorick is misinformed as I paid for the monthly monitoring of the alarm system for years.
  • Hum then WHY did Torbik bill the city $29.95 each month? (Click here to see bills) Oh ya I forgot they made “billing errors” for YEARS…. I think NOT!!!

As far as commenting on Mrs. Urban or Mr. Sorick’s comments, a great military leader once told me, “Never argue with an idiot. They will always try to bring you down, and you can never bring them up.
  • Just an FYI JJ that quote was Mark Twain’s "Never argue with an idiot. They will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience"
  • And JJ is certainly flush with idiotic experience.

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