Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wanna Buy a Bridge on the Cheap?

Former city of Wilkes-Barre tow-truck driver Leo A. Glodzik III actually bought a bridge. The old Coxton Railroad Bridge in Exeter Township, to be exact.

Now we’ve all heard of what a great business opportunity there could be for a savvy investor with buying these bridges and all, but few of us have ever actually contemplated it. Not Leo however, he apparently knows a deal when he sees it, I’m guessing.

Now according to the Citizens Voice the county will pay $614,671 to demolish the bridge Leo  paid $5000 for "several years ago," from the county's redevelopment authority according to Andrew Reilly, executive director of the county community development office.

The not so bright side: The County will place a lien on any property Glodzik owns for the cost of the removal, but the former tow truck driver already owes the state more than $500,000 in unpaid income taxes and faces a lien for that debt also. So in other words Fat Chance….

Since Glodzik did not return a telephone message late Tuesday to the Citizens Voice reporter Peter Cameron one can only wonder what Leo had planned for the old bridge???

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  1. Did the County Development Authority actually receive any money for the purchase of the bridge, or was it one of those "paper shuffles" that we hear so much about her in Luzerne County? What is the salvage value of said bridge? And who presently hold title to the bridge?


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