Saturday, July 13, 2013

Sexual Abuse Of Children, now Block Party???

I’ve seen City Officials jump into bed with some crazy, shady, immoral characters before but Oh My God, does this takes the cake.

A priest, turned Child Sex Offender, turned Church Helper, turned Block Partier? What is wrong with you people?

I seriously have to wonder WHY in the name of all that is holy, would Rev Walker allow anyone who committed crimes against a child to have any type of leadership role at his church, and not at the very least inform his parishioners of the same? COME ON, if you’re going to allow someone to be around children and assume a church leadership role, where your automatically assumed to have a level of trust under the banner of the church, don’t you think you owe it to your parishioners to tell them who is interacting with their child?

AND now onto WHY City Officials would EVER hop into bed with an organization that has ties to any person, who is NOT just accused, BUT convicted of Sexual Abuse Of Children??

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It’s clearly evident by the past transgression of our elected officials, and several high ranking city officials that there is something radically wrong with the moral compass at City Hall, but come on, what kind of person would knowingly get into bed with a known sex offender of children no less?

I’ve completely had it with this city, torches and pitchforks people, LETS GO!!!

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