Saturday, July 6, 2013

Mayor blames critics, Gazette seeks elbow grease

When a couple of city police officers paid a visit to His Lordship, requesting more beat cops to help combat the NEW lowered crime rate NOW sweeping the city. The King allegedly replied with “blame the critics”. It’s their fault we (the city) can’t afford to hire more cops. If they had allowed me to move forward with the leasing of the parking authority, then we would have the money for more cops.

Who actually believes that one? My guess is he would have squandered the money faster than J.J. could screw up a Mark Twain quote.

Just to be clear: 

  • So it’s not the wasteful trips to Las Vegas seeking information on a splash pad (like the one in Scranton, or Clarks Summit) and by the way ours (Vegas style) now broken?
  • It likely has nothing to do with all those rental inspections the city DIDN'T do at places like Sherman Hood.
  • It’s not the 18,000 gallons of missing gas, over JUST a 2 year period, (likely MUCH, MUCH more that 18,000 gallons)?
  • It’s not the $4,000,000.000 see noting ($10,000 per camera) citywide Blindeye system?
  • It’s not all those NO BID contracts to your campaign contributor buddies?
  • I’m also betting it has nothing to do with paying a slimy little weasel and his shyster brothers law firm hundreds per hour for NOTHING, that caused our financial demise. 

Let’s face it we (the city) are broke, and crime ridden, and there is ONLY ONE person to blame, but there is still something you (your lordship) can do to improve the look of the city without spending a dime. The Independent Gazette points out that “Pride” is just about gone in the city, and with “a shovel, a screwdriver, and with a little elbow grease”  the King could make some improvements without soaking the city.

FACT: unless there is something in it for The King it won’t happen, so if it were election time, or a campaign kickbacker said “I’ve got a screwdriver, and a can of elbow grease. I will do the repairs for a quick Million in lowest bidder contract costs, and then tons of overruns, and I will also drop off white padded envelopes at city hall for you, just to keep you apprised of our progress. Then and only then will these no or low cost fixes actually get fixed.

Photos courtesy of The Wilkes Barre Independent Gazette

Broken @ Kirby Park

Glad to see we're recycling

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  1. Chapel Street covered in garbage too

    1. Send all photos to

  2. Face it! W-B city has become the NEW CHESTER, PA. Nothing but poor, pathetic, broken down old, people, white trash, black & latino gangstas, guns, drugs, tobacco, homeless, mentally ill, ALL THINGS SOCIETALLY BAD. FEW if any jobs that pay a living wage. Talk about a POWDER keg on a tightrope of disaster!!!! The police force only does damage control on a good day, i.e. call them to check out the dead body & be prepared to wait...and wait...

  3. Read about city recklessness & neglgence at its WORST!!!!

    On Tues., Dec. 16, approx. time 2:30 PM, a private duty contractor hired by Humford Realty, 15 Public Sq. Wilkes-Barre, PA to clear snow from the sidewalks, was operating a large, white, late model ,heavy duty, pick-up truck in a reckless, careless and negligent manner. The careless driver with VERY little regard for public safety, was driving in reverse, at a high rate of speed in the middle of the sidewalk w/ a heavy duty plow attachment on the front of his
    vehicle. He did not sound his horn and had on no blinking, hazard lights.

    I was exiting a store and missed getting hit by the truck or its BIG mirror by a second or two which could have well resulted in serious injury of even
    death. Now, why would a BIG pickup truck be on a sidewalk driving in reverse in at a high rate of speed in the middle of the afternoon of a weekday on a
    high traffic pedestrian area I would like to know???

    I found out through investigation, Humford Realty owns the bldg. and hired the RECKLESS contractor. I was able to call the president , MR. Finlay of
    Humford and tell him my complaint. He didn't seem too concerned and coldly responded " What do you want me to do about it?" I told him this smacks of a
    future potential lawsuit as it is not so much a potential accident but a case of his contractor operating in a careless, negligent manner!
    His arrogant, cavalier attitude was not appreciated. The general public needs to be warned what kind of reckless people are hired through Humford Realty!!!!

    Driver of vehicle needs to be REPRIMANDED and possibly replaced for one who can work in a SAFE manner. The President of this Co. needs to be reminded that he very well is held accountable through ALL his employees and contractors, especially those who act in a careless, negligent manner.

    Mr. Finlay can't 'pass the buck' on this one! I would like my complaint to be made PUBLIC but keep my identity anonymous to avoid reprisal ,so the
    general public can find out the careless manner in which Humford Realty acts in regard to hiring contractors.

    PS. Humford Realty needs to be told that TRUCKS DO NOT belong on sidewalks in the middle of the afternoon PERIOD. STOP this dangerous practice before someone gets killed or maimed!!! Now what if this happened to YOU or a LOVED ONE??? How about a child????

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    2. Sending to Liza at the city, I shall let you know


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