Friday, July 19, 2013

$25,919 Gas Gate Fine Sticks

The Citizens Voice is reporting that according to The Pennsylvania Department of Revenue the city didn't provide enough evidence to overrule the fine of $25,919, which was the result of an investigation that found 67,000 gallons of the city's fuel was unaccounted for in the city's records over a two-year period.

  • Don’t blame The Pennsylvania Department of Revenue on this one. After all how can we expect them to accept falsified reports and estimates for gas used in cars the city had decommissioned? 

Despite an investigation by the Luzerne County District Attorney's Office into the missing gas, Municipal Affairs Manager Drew McLaughlin said Thursday that the discrepancies were the result of a widespread lapse in record keeping, not theft.

  • Come on Drew what do you call it when the King allows his family to fuel up on our dime?

The Pennsylvania Department of Revenue reminded the city it was informed of its record keeping responsibilities when the DOR conducted an investigation in 2007, according to the ruling.

  • So this isn’t the first time The King was told about stealing gas.

McLaughlin said the poor record keeping stretched across all city departments. Even Mayor Tom Leighton, who pumped gas into his personal vehicles, failed to document his gas use. Leighton has said he was authorized to use the gas because he didn't receive mileage reimbursement.

  • Good answer “I didn’t take reimbursement so me, and my family could swipe gas, after all, had I taken mileage reimbursement I would have had to account for the 7 square miles I traveled daily”.

Even though taxpayers ultimately paid the price, McLaughlin said he wasn't aware of disciplinary action against any city employees.

  • Now there's an F’n surprise!! 

However, criminal charges could stem from District Attorney Stefanie Salavantis' nearly year-long investigation into the missing gas. Salavantis said Thursday that detectives have completed their investigation, and she plans to meet with them next week to decide whether to file charges.

  • We’re not holding our breath Steph, after all we’ve seen you hobnobbing with The King. 

Salavantis acknowledged the investigation has taken longer than she expected, but that other cases concerning public safety have taken precedence.

"I know it's been a while," Salavantis said. "I'm hoping to have a decision soon."

  • As soon as Mike Duh-Soye tells you how to spin this???

McLaughlin said the city plans to correct the record-keeping problem by installing a new gas pump that requires a keycard and will electronically monitor all dispensed fuel. McLaughlin said the installation is nearly complete, but employees will have to be trained before it can be implemented.

  • So even though the new system has been installed, it’s still not in use? How hard could swiping a card be? What kind of morons do you have working down there?

 Never mind this video of  DPW Employee Tony White "out sick, stealing city services" reminds us.

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  1. As Pres. Truman once said, "The buck stops here"!! He was man enough to take responsibility for the actions/inaction of his subordinates. As for our Mayor, lack of common sense, and a false sense of entitlement, has trickled down thru the ranks to all of his minions, from the janitors to the administrative staff. Honesty has become a word with little or no meaning. A "Whats in it for me attitude" seems to prevail throughout. "Power corrupts,and absolute power corrupts absolutely"....John Emerich


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