Monday, July 8, 2013

ANOTHER Sweetheart Deal, BUT NOT 4U

Ok here comes another Sweetheart SCAM???
Breakdown of The WBIG article Taxpayers Bankrolling Sweetheart Deals

Step 1: A property appears on Upset Tax Sale (with all liens) after its owner fails to pay their property taxes for three consecutive years.

Step 2: If a property does not sell at Upset Tax Sale (with the liens), it then appears on a Free and Clear Sale. (no liens)

Spep3:  In-between the Upset, and Free and Clear sales, state law allows for a Private Bid to be placed by anyone other than the owner.

Step 4: Once such a private bid is placed then 10% of bid price or $300, whichever is greater, is to be paid to the county tax claim bureau and the property is then placed for public bid via a newspaper notice.
If no one else submits a higher bid on the property, then the initial bid is submitted for approval to all taxing bodies to which are due outstanding taxes, since those taxes will be forgiven in this sale. (i.e. School Board, City Council, County Council)

Step 5: Court Approval (ONLY Judge Vough in cases of tax claims)

Step 6: Following this court approval, according to Northeast Revenue’s website, their own policy states that the bidder has fifteen days to tender payment for the bid amount, transfer tax, and other fees.


Section 6 of the Northeast Revenue policy also states: “If the successful bidder fails to comply with the terms and conditions of the sale, he will forfeit ALL monies already paid to the Tax Claim Bureau.”

So should a bidder (Swinka) not make payment, and take ownership within 15 days of court approval (as Swinka Realty Investments, LLC, did for YEARS), the bid(s) should be void, and bidder(s) are then barred from any future bidding, (Per  attorney John Rodgers, solicitor for Northeast Revenue, and their policy) .

Ya let’s see if that one happens.

Rodgers also thanked the Independent Gazette for bringing this matter to his attention, and said, “Northeast Revenue will immediately file petitions to void the sales of the twenty-eight properties remaining unsatisfied, unless by some mere chance Swinka should come in and pay for the remaining twenty-eight properties before we can file.”

So Rodgers, and Northeast Revenue got caught with their paints down, and their hands all up in the taxpayers cookie jar, and NOW things will change???

Is it just me or is EVERYTHING you touch in this town tainted???

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  1. This is luzerne county which is one of the most corrupt counties in the united states.. Everything here is not as it seems. Its as if ny dumped its "trash" here! And we welcomed it not knowing the depths of their greed.


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