Friday, July 26, 2013

Blame the Billboard

For those of you who might have missed the memo, there is a Giant Billboard of The King pilfering gas in
his undershirt on Business Route 309 (coming from Kmart toward Sheetz), and some (likely suckholes) are now claiming, that new business might not want to come here as a result of the billboard, because of the negative light that it casts.

Imagine that folks, it’s A billboard, (highlighting the king pilfering gas in his undershirt) that allegedly disrupted the massive line of new economic growth, that must have been lurking about (possibly stuck in traffic on Interstate 81).

Forget about the Murder-A-Month Club, and the oh so low crime rate that’s acting like a deterrent, and lets blame a billboard, but whatever you do, don’t look to the King, and ask, hey why are you stealing gas in your undershirt?

Wake Up Wilkes Barre


Shortly after the Taxpayers unveiled their Billboard this week the King spoke out on the Sue Henry show: "I am the King, and I was the first to admit that I took gas, and after all... who is going to stop the King?"

OK, I admit that may not have been the exact quote from his Lordship, but what came next is "people need to Get A Life" was the King's response to the Billboard. That's right everyone of you, who are paying for his gas at the DPW, and also reimbursing him for his trips to Harrisburg, (after he fueled up at the DPW) need to Get A Life. Don't question the King people, he stole gas in the daytime so that must make it right.
P.S. If it was legal why didn't he log it out? And why were we the city fined and told not to do it in 2007? The District Attorney has a copy of that 2007 letter from The Pennsylvania Department of Revenue.

Really Wake Up Wilkes Barre



  1. Well at least it replaced that FIREWORKS FOR SALE!!! billboard. That has to be a plus.

    Oh. It didn't? Shucks.

  2. I guess we will see if our DA is a one term DA, or will she do whats right and just. The office of any elected official is a position of obligation NOT entitlement. I see his newly acquired "mouthpiece" is being quite mum about this???

    1. She refuses to talk to some members of the press, so that might have something to do with it. As for the DA this is the case that makes her a staple against corruption, or a 1 and Done.... The problem with a 1 term DA who has the "I let the King skate" Saddle bag stuck to her, is who will ever want to use a The services of a liar like that


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