Friday, February 24, 2012

Who’s Bidding?

Is it me or are you hearing The WHO at the beginning of CSI?

Who are you? Who, who, who, who? I really wanna know, Come on Beekman Street Properties LLC, who are you, you, you, oh, you?

Well in an effort to get more information I visited The Pennsylvania Department of State’s Business Entity Search, and guess what I found.

NO: Beekman Street Properties LLC, Registered as an LLC, in The State of Pennsylvania.

Now perhaps it’s user error! I’ll give you that, it could be, after all I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed, you are welcome to click the link below, and do your own research.

If anyone including Beekman Street Properties LLC, can refute my search please feel free to provide supporting documentation, and I will gladly post that as well.

I guess we now know why Bob Kadluboski was not allowed to inspect the bids.

Wake Up Wilkes Barre

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Bakery 4 Sale

It sale time again for the Old River Road Bakery, and there are 2 contenders.
  • Harold’s Pharmacy for $50,000
  • Faceless Corporation $52,000

Harold’s Pharmacy was at the meeting, and provided a detailed plan of action. They would totally remodel the building, increase jobs to the community, and remain a valuable asset to the community.

Faceless Corporation was not available for questions nor did they, provide details as to what they would do with the property if their bid was accepted. So for all we know it could end up being a crack shack or the future home of yet another LAG enterprise. We just don’t know.

The Wilkes Barre City Taxpayers Association also proudly endorsed the bid from Harold’s Pharmacy: As anyone who lives in SWB will attest, Harold’s Pharmacy truly cares about their reputation as well as the impact their business has on the community, thus we the taxpayers could only benefit from the Bakery being sold to Harold’s.

Let’s pray that City Council also considers the impact that the sale of the building may have on the community. This is truly about more than just the price it about overall improvement to the community as a whole.  
  • Legal, reputable pharmacy in South Wilkes Barre YES!
  • Illegal, dishonorable street pharmacy AKA Crack Shack NO!

Wake Up Wilkes Barre

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Meyers High - Nuke or Politician

“In our hearts we will cherish, steadfast forever, Meyers High!”

Meyers eighth-grader Joshua Schiowitz said it best when he pointed out “Meyers endured the Great Depression, and has stood the test of time”

True enough Meyers High should be “steadfast forever”, and could truly stand the test of time. We all know the building was built to last.

It has stood strong for over 80 years, and has overcome:
  • Many Storms
  • Hurricanes 
  • 2 Major Floods
  • Even an Earthquake

The building has also endured much neglect, misuses, and abuse by not only it students, and facility, but by the School Board Members, and Superintendants both past and present that swore to protect it.

God knows the building could even survive a Nuclear Blast after all that is likely why Meyers was designated as a Nuclear Fallout Shelter, but what it cannot seem to escape is the corrupt political climate that seems to run ramped around these parts.

Board President Mary Anne Toole Said “There was never a plan to vote on the closing Meyers”, and Superintendant Namey demanded to know where this rumor started.

I will tell you where, with you that's where. It's time to Wake Up School Board. If a renegade board member introduces a vote, and it’s then seconded by another Dolt on the Board then, even when the motion fails, and a study commission is formed ONLY to “explore options”  it still sends up a smoke signal to the community that something is happening.

Wake Up Wilkes Barre, Pay close attention to what your elected officials are doing, and what they are standing up for, or shall I say who they are standing up for.

Wake Up Wilkes Barre would like to thank the fallowing officials for standing, not only with us last night, but most importantly staying true their your convictions, and truly representing the people.

Thank you:
  • Luzerne County Judge William Amesbury
  • Wilkes Barre City Mayor Thomas Leighton
  • Wilkes Barre City Official Greg Barrouk
  • Wilkes Barre City Councilman George Brown
  • Wilkes Barre Area School Director Lynn Evans 
Sincerely thank you, and as always Wake Up Wilkes Barre

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Why all the Hoops

It took many months, $330.25, and several citizens all asking the same question: Did LAG Towing pay the $50,050 per year for all the years he held the exclusive City Towing Contract that allows him to – Price Gouge, Fail to Maintain Records, Predatorily Town at Will, and Hold Cars Hostage.

Finally this Blogger with the help of an extremely gifted accountant, sifted through mountains of deposited items, that by the way the city claimed they had no idea could be so easily requested from the bank, only to find out what LAG could have provided with the click of a mouse.

The answer: YES LAG DID PAY! But 

We asked for the fallowing deposits as that is where The City said those checks were:
  • 05/04/2005      57,375.53
  • 05/15/2007      86,215.03
  • 05/05/2008      127,231.58
  • 05/06/2009      216,291.57
  • 05/04/2010      132,974.86
  • 05/02/2011      50,000.00
  • 08/23/2011      150.00
We Got:
  • 05/03/2005      169,331.32
  • 05/15/2007      86,215.03
  • 05/05/2008      127,231.58
  • 05/06/2009      216,291.57
  • 05/04/2010      132,974.86
  • 05/02/2011      50,000.00
  • 08/23/2011      150.00
Click the link below to see all the payments
  1. Why did so many citizens have to keep asking the same question?
  2. Why didn’t the city get the canceled checks from Leo, and end this day 1?
  3. Why is it so impossible to get answers to simple questions?
  4. How did The City know to order the $169,331.32? I didn't ask for it, I asked for a  $57,375.53 deposit on a different day!
Well I asked City Hall these questions today, and the Answers:
  1. We don’t know!
  2. You see how forthcoming Leo has been thus far!
  3. It’s not like were hiding anything!
  4. After much arguing, and "The City" attempting to blame PNC for sending the wrong one in error. I made the statement that "you got the 57k deposit, and it wasn't in there so you ordered the other one", and they agreed "It may have happened that way"!!!
Well to this I can only say Wake Up City Hall when you fail to answers simple questions you let wondering minds wonder. 

Simply put: Folks wonder if you are hiding something, and figure if you’re not forthcoming when asked, then you must have something to hide.

I’m not by any means accusing our King of hiding anything; I’m just offering FREE advice, on how to avoid skepticism in the future.

FYI: If you make a mistake; Let's say you circle the wrong deposit in error, and upon review, notice your error. It's OK to tell the citizen you made an error, and corrected it. Don't play the blame game, especially when PNC didn't make the error!!!

As for Leo not cooperating with your requests, again Wake Up City Hall, You do realize He's your contractor Right?
Repeat after Donald: "Your Fired!" 

Wake Up Wilkes Barre

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

SOS: Save Our Schools

This video is from 2007, and NO I am not running, I just thought it was important to point out that Nothing has changed! 

It was 2007 when I first entered the political arena in The WB. I only became involved because the Dolt’s running the school board were at that time talking about following the lead of Scranton Area, and merging our Three High Schools into ONE..

Five years later New Dolt’sSame Problem

My Concerns then, and now:
  • Increased Gang Wars: look at some the issues Scranton has experienced, and their City hasn’t reduced its police force to about 4 Beat Cops on any given shift.
  • More Machete Attacks: It is a simple fact, increased numbers equals increased crime. OK perhaps this wasn't a factor in 2007 but you bet your Tookus it is NOW!!!
  • Over Crowed Class Rooms: do we think if we will toss all 3000 plus students into one building this will somehow reduce class size? Ya Fat Chance!!!
  • Sky Rocketing TAXES: Can we afford to throw money away? Well that’s exactly what we are doing if we close the school we just spent Millions on, to replace the Roof, Re-turf the Field, and Stabilize a Building that has forever been Neglected.
  • Reduced Scholarships for Higher Education: Higher Education Grants and Scholarships are awarded per High School, or Team, not per Student, so by reducing the number of High Schools we reduce the number of opportunities for Higher Education Opportunities for our students. Face it folks we live in an area where many folks cannot afford to send our youth on to College so that being said the only opportunity for many of our kids are these Grants, and Scholarships, and now our Elected Dolts want to cut that number by 33% Right Now, and 66% in the near future.

I urge everyone to show up this Tuesday, February 21 @ 5:30 p.m. 720 S Main St and voice your opinion. Don’t just sit on your behinds once again, and later complain about the above.

Wake Up Wilkes Barre, it’s time to Speak Up Wilkes Barre, God knows you never do it on election day so this is your last chance.

Get off your BUTTS & Wake Up People

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Was County Council Thinking Donkey?

We all cringed in fear as his cries echoed across the city, “Pick Me, Pick Me, Pick Me, he muttered”, but thank God council wasn’t that Daft.

Now we all know in this town when you’re passed over for something it’s not your fault!

Council was suppose to understand that if we all loved how loose he was with the City Credit Cards just imagine how FREE he could have been if given the Keys to the County!

Message to Council:

  • Forget the fact that he wasted taxpayer funds Jet setting around the nation, “all 3rd class City Administrators do that, RIGHT?”

  • Forget the fact that he while Jet setting around the nation he stayed at the most expensive hotels, “all 3rd class City Administrators do that, RIGHT?”

  • Forget the fact that he wasted taxpayer money on working lunch’s at the most expensive places in town, “all 3rd class City Administrators do that, RIGHT?”

  • Forget the fact that he got an Outrageously, Overpriced Taxpayer Funded Security System, “all 3rd class City Administrators get those, RIGHT?”

  • Forget the fact that when he was “Movin-On-Up” 3 years after the alleged threat was over, he made the taxpayers move his Outrageously, Overpriced Taxpayer Funded Security System at nearly Double the cost of a new one, “all 3rd class City Administrators does that, RIGHT?”

Don’t "Believe" me, Click the links below & see the Credit Card Statements for yourself.
YES Folks it’s true it wasn't his fault: So let’s blame Linda Urban she the bad guy here. I mean really how dare she question her own government! I mean where does she think she is Iraq?

Newspaper Quotes:

  • Murphy was the "top local candidate" for Luzerne County's manager position, he said, but would not comment on what specific questions council members asked him during the selection process.
  • “This is a warning to anybody who wants to slander public or private individuals and should make them think twice,” Murphy said.

Wake Up Donkey, because that’s what we "Americans" need, more Folks willing to just sit back, bend over, and take whatever government dishes out.  

You Keep asking those questions Linda, and Please, Please, Please never stop standing up for the Good People of our City!

P.S. If you don't want to face public criticism, STOP asking the taxpayers to support you! Get a Real JOB, like the rest of us....

Wake Up Wilkes Barre


Thursday, February 9, 2012

Justified Stealers?

So once again Stealers Fan’s the States reaction is “It’s all good in PA” This time to the unauthorized taking of public funds to do upgrades to private residences.

Wow whatever happed to the days of theft being theft. I know we all live in a state where the Steelers are to be celebrated but this is getting a bit ridiculous.

I have seen wardens jailed for giving an inmate an extra hour outdoors in exchange for lawn care, but in Wilkes Barre one can
  • Dip into the general fund at will.
  • Upgrade your home with outrageously priced $15,000 security systems, when ADT could have done it for $99.
  • Jet set to sunny destination on taxpayer funded junkets.
  • Violate the ethics law, and have an HR Manger lie, and say “she did the hiring” even though she was following the Executive orders of her Commander.
And to top it all off if a citizen has the audacity to question your actions you threaten a lawsuit.

Wake Up Stealers, how did suing a private citizen turn out for you shysters last time? Need we remember Mrs. Carey, OH YA that’s right we the taxpayers are shouldering that screw up as well.

I would think long and hard before filing a lawsuit regarding Mrs. Urban, or anything she may have posted in social media if I were you. As this Blogger still has some less then flattering, and by the way, unfounded, and completely untrue posts you posted about me. So with that I will say “people who live in glass houses” oh you know the rest.

Wake Up Wilkes Barre.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Off the Hook

Back in December we asked the question: How ethical is the PA Ethics Commission?, and today we have our answer. Click here for (Ethics Decision)
Believe me folks I have said it once, and I’ll say it again it’s all in who you know, or in The WB who you bribe. Yesterday the ethics commission in Harrisburg let King Tommy off the hook for signing not ONE but FOURTEEN executive orders ordering the director of HR to hire his kids.

Once again allow me to translate what the state is really trying to say.
  • September 15, 2011 letter: The State Stated: The investigative Division of the State Ethics Commission has initiated a full investigation in relation to the complaint File No. 11-019
  • September 15, 2011 letter: The State Meant: We know King Tommy did wrong, and are working on his punishment!
  • September 30, 2011 letter: The State Stated: The letter sent to you dated September 15, 2011 advising a full investigation was being initiated in regards to the above captioned matter was sent in error.
  • September 30, 2011 letter: The State Meant: King Tommy called in a favor, and as his buddy I will do my best to squash this investigation.
  • February 1, 2012 letter: The State Stated: all intern hiring for the City of Wilkes Barre were conducted the City’s Director of Human Resources without input or direction from the Mayor.
  • February 1, 2012 letter: The State Meant: Although King Tommy signed 14 executive orders, ordering the Director of HR to hire his kids we in Harrisburg understand you are an extremely corrupt city, operating in an obvious unethical state, so we can’t hold that against you.

Only in Pennsylvania is it ok to break the rules and get away with it. So with that we at Wake Up Wilkes Barre would like to send a very special thank you out to the unethical folks in Harrisburg for doing what they always do. NOTHING great job guys!

Long live Corruption in The WB, and Long Live King Tommy forever may his Tyranny Reign.

Wake Up Wilkes Barre

Source: State Ethics Commission clears Leighton

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