Thursday, February 9, 2012

Justified Stealers?

So once again Stealers Fan’s the States reaction is “It’s all good in PA” This time to the unauthorized taking of public funds to do upgrades to private residences.

Wow whatever happed to the days of theft being theft. I know we all live in a state where the Steelers are to be celebrated but this is getting a bit ridiculous.

I have seen wardens jailed for giving an inmate an extra hour outdoors in exchange for lawn care, but in Wilkes Barre one can
  • Dip into the general fund at will.
  • Upgrade your home with outrageously priced $15,000 security systems, when ADT could have done it for $99.
  • Jet set to sunny destination on taxpayer funded junkets.
  • Violate the ethics law, and have an HR Manger lie, and say “she did the hiring” even though she was following the Executive orders of her Commander.
And to top it all off if a citizen has the audacity to question your actions you threaten a lawsuit.

Wake Up Stealers, how did suing a private citizen turn out for you shysters last time? Need we remember Mrs. Carey, OH YA that’s right we the taxpayers are shouldering that screw up as well.

I would think long and hard before filing a lawsuit regarding Mrs. Urban, or anything she may have posted in social media if I were you. As this Blogger still has some less then flattering, and by the way, unfounded, and completely untrue posts you posted about me. So with that I will say “people who live in glass houses” oh you know the rest.

Wake Up Wilkes Barre.

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