Thursday, September 5, 2013

No Inspection + Bribe = PASSED?

On September 1, 2013, The Citizens Voice Newspaper accurately pointed out the massive, unaddressed, overlooked, or ignored problems with one of the city’s low income, out of town, crime infested, falling down, slumholes.

Now of course the CV used far fewer words in their description than we did. In-fact their exact verbiage was, “Crime-prone. Drug-ridden. Violent.”, and although the CV was far more tackfull than Wake Up Wilkes Barre, I believe you get the picture in either case.

According to the CV “City Hall has a poor record when it comes to enforcing its own property rules. Sherman Hills went two years without notifying the city when tenants moved out so that city-mandated inspections could take place.”

  • TWO YEARS: While Linda Urban, and Frank Sorick of the Taxpayers Association were screaming at the Bobblehead, do nothing City Council. Yet Bobblehead Barrett has the nerve to get upset that NOT ONE inspection was done. News Flash Bill, you’ve been hearing it for TWO YEARS!!! You did NOTHING!!!

The point is, one has to wonder why any city government (especially one that just passed a strict one strike policy) could possibly overlook such a stick hole? Well my friends the answer is quite simple, and Mark Robbins adequately addressed the issue on his Blog WB-TRUTH. Mark alleged that our King was bought off, and knowing the King as I do, it wouldn’t take much.

We’ve all seen him take campaign contributions in exchange for contract’s, he’s even looked the other way, while a city contractor violated his contract and swindled old lady’s out of their vehicle’s.

  • So why not take a bag full of cash in exchange for overlooking a few rental inspections? 
  • Is it so inconceivable, to think that our King would stoop so low? 
After all those slums receive federal moneys, and HUD must do an inspection, so why would the city need to do one?

Let me ask you private landlords, accepting section 8, if you still had to have a city inspection?

  • Well unless you’re a shrewd Lawyer who inherited a ton of properties, and don’t care who you rent to, and have a reputations for battling the King, while defending his slimy friends, then you likely don’t, but for the rest of your landlords, I believe my question is still valid. 
Did you have 2 inspections? One from the city, and one from Section 8?

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  1. Sherman Hills owes city 20k from the rental inspections the city did months ago and was told they are not allowed to rent any apartments until paid in full a very reliable source tells me that management been renting apartments last 2 months yesterday was latest.

    I called Mike Simonson to report this and he was very ignorant and told me he was picking up the check tomorrow and then he hung up on me.

    1. Let do a follow up call, and please let me know, so we can submit a RTK for the check he NEVER picked up.

  2. I am a partially disabled resident of Sherman Hills and need to have my Rx delivered management making it hard for me and others.

    In lieu of latest shootings at Sherman Hills, management announced new "security" measures, effective October 1st.

    Some of the details shared to residents at a meeting on September 4th include:

    Every resident must present a driver's license, and paperwork for their car in order to receive a parking sticker. All vehicles must be registered to the tenant. This creates problems for students who may be driving a vehicle in their parents or family member's names. This also presents problems for those who have tinted windows. Management commented that they window tinting should be "peeled off" so the sticker can be placed in the "appropriate location' in the vehicle.

    All visitors who enter Sherman Hills must have visitor pass issued by the office with time,date, and length of stay in order to park in the Visitor's lot. A copy of photo ID must be presented in order to obtain a visitor pass. Each and every time a resident is expecting a visitor, they must obtain a visitor's pass. This creates hardships for elderly, disabled and less mobile residents who have groceries and prescriptions delivered, have case workers in and out during the week and family members who want to check on their family members who reside at Sherman Hills. Residents who have groceries, prescriptions or food delivered will need to call the proprietors and tell them to have 2 people delivery so that one can stay in car so they do not get towed.

    The designated Visitor's lot is a distance away from many of the buildings and not extremely well lit. This means that family, friends or those visiting a resident of Sherman Hills must walk quite a distance potentially at all hours of the day to get back to their vehicle. The potential liability here is significant.

    Residents feel these new rules make them a prisoner in their own homes. These rules imposed upon residents will punish the good residents of Sherman Hills and will have a lesser impact on the reduction of crime in Sherman Hills.

    1. Sad fact is A LOT of good people live there also, and your right, it's as if the good, are being punished for the actions of the few scumbags....


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