Friday, October 18, 2013

One Strike serious due process problems who'da thunk?

According to the Times Leader the ACLU is taking issue with the city’s One Strike law.

  • Hum so you can’t barge into someone’s home, remove the battery from their smoke detector, and shut the place down? 

According to Liza Prokop spokesperson for the city three properties have been closed under One Strike

  • 216 Carlisle Street posted on 9/13/2013. Owner appealed.
  • 80 Hickory Street posted on 10/4/2013. No appeal filed to date.
  • 59 Oakwood Lane posted on 10/10/2013. No appeal filed to date. 

The ACLU said there were concerns about “serious due process problems” with the mayor’s proposal to amend the ordinance and set a one-strike limit for gun and drug crimes that would trigger a six-month shut down of a rental unit or building.

Bill Vinsko assistant city attorney said the city “has no plans to change any part of the ordinance” and welcomed the opportunity to meet with the ACLU. “We’re willing to discuss all issues,” Vinsko said. “We want to keep an open dialogue.”

  • In other words “you are welcome to state your concerns, but please remember this is Wilkes Barre, and we do as we please.” 

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