Thursday, October 31, 2013

Hawkeye Broke & Broken

Hawkeye Security Solutions, the city’s worthless 300+ network of citywide camera monitoring system.  Hawkeye was brainchild of our former city administrator turned Hobbs, NM City Manager, J.J. (grab the cash & run) Murphy. Now Hawkeye openly admits it is too broke to function, and is looking to unload the worthless mess of a do nothing, see nothing, imaginary deterrent, on the city.

If you’re thinking either city council or mayor Lie-A-Ton will put up much of a fight, then you must be the one who still believes in Tooth fairy.

Fact is J.J. screwed us, and the King and company wholeheartedly approved of the screwing. All the while, the president, and vice president of Hawkeye were relentlessly defended the system, even as it failed to catch break-in after break-in at our city parking structures, and most recently 3 of the useless mid-town cameras somehow overlooked the nearly fatal beating of the cook from Bart & Urby’s.

President Frank (of the Kings & Queens family) Majikes 
Vice President Greg Barrouk

Now that Hawkeye has squandered not only what little cash it had on hand, but any hope of future grants due to the blatant misuse of federal tax dollars, when its board along with the WBPD Chief lied to the DOJ claiming the Hawkeye system was online with the city’s records management system, known as Total Enforcement, when in fact it NEVER was, and per Barrouk “a mountain of red tape,” is in the way.

Well it’s easy to see why the board members want to wash their hands of the entire mess.

WOW I wish I could cleanse the city of some other mess makers so easily.

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