Saturday, November 2, 2013

Another building is falling?

Wilkes Barre City condemned not only its own decapitated buildings, but the neighboring (structurally safe) buildings as well, and told the owners they have 5 day to vacate.

OK let me see if I have this straight, the city allows its own dumps to fall apart, no repairs, no stabilization, and when it impacts good, honest, hardworking, small business, they are told get out, and they have no recourse.

Well I for one am not buying it.

We all heard the Sterling was falling, while the taxpayers paid $5,000 per month over the past 2 years for barricades, and now that the King’s campaign contributing buddies seem to have lost their $5,000 a month cash cow, some other buildings in the city must be falling.

Just as the busy holiday shopping season is upon our already struggling South Main Street business we either condemn them or block customers from traveling down the street.

Has anyone seen anything fall of any of those building on S. Main?

I wonder if this has anything to do with all the empty store fronts on the other side of the street, that are owned by yet another campaign contributing buddy.

Could we condemn some buildings, make life miserable for business owners, and travelers alike, then offer a quick solution, just so we can get our hands on those 2 buildings standing in the way of a few lucrative demolition, and construction projects that will be brought to you via community development grants.

Wake Up Wilkes Barre, your being fed another line of crap, and I think you enjoy the taste!

I’m ready are you?

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