Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Share that information WID us!

King Lie-A-Ton made a quick slur of words while speaking to reporters and folks on Facebook have been posting like crazy about the King’s use of the word WID instead of with. (if you haven't seen the newscast take a look at the bottom of this page.)

Now being from T-town I don’t normally correct the grammar of anyone, for obvious reasons to our loyal readers. After all perhaps that’s how the King pronounces the word WITH, perhaps he slurred because he just finished drinking his dinner, one can’t be sure.

Earlier today I overheard an interesting fact today while at WBPD, from the desk sergeant, (Or whatever title is assigned to the person fielding the non-emergency calls for the department). The caller obviously wanted a police officer to come out, but also didn’t feel it was an emergency.  At least that was my take from only hearing the ONE side of the conversation, as the officer told the caller repeatedly that they would need to dial 911. He said it several times, “well if you want that to happen you will need to dial 911” the frustrated officer told the caller. After the call ended, still frustrated the officer said “jeesh people are stupid”.

Now again as I am from T-town, I immediately thought “Oh God is he referring to me, did he even see me”? but then I soon realized he was referring to the previous caller.

That incident coupled with what the King said on WNEP-TV tonight leads me thinking, that officer may be onto something.

Following the King’s slur and the officers comment I’m now seeing some similarities.
  1. Both the caller and the King likely grew up here.
  2. Both likely went to Wilkes Barre Area
  3. Wilkes Barre Area has a long tradition of hiring NOT the most qualified teachers, but those that either tip the best, or are kin of someone.
So with those revelations I must warn you to "Wake Up Wilkes Barre" you are dumbing down the city through corruption, and “WID” Da King’s son teaching your kids just imagine how well they’ll do.

Wake Up Wilkes Barre Disclaimer:
  • Don’t get me wrong, I am in no way suggesting that people are in fact stupid, just providing an outside observation of my Wilkes Barre Education I’ve received just today.

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