Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Sherman Hills Task Force?

So Adam Peters is shut down, when a person who is not on his lease, but registered with the county as living at Adam’s building, deals drugs at a complex commonly referred to by locals as Vermin Hills, and yet when that same complex has more shootings, drug deals, or stabbings in a single month than the entire City of Scranton has all year, we simply launch a FEEL GOOD Task Force made up of a King on the take, a Bible Beating Councilman, a Do Noting Blowhard, a State Representative who seems to be a nice guy but does very little to help his constituents, and a few other well-meaning individuals.

If this were any other landlord they would be shut down without even given their ONE STRIKE!

  • Selective Enforcement: Selective enforcement is the ability that executors of the law (such as police officers or administrative agencies, in some cases) have to select those against whom they want to enforce the law. The use of enforcement discretion in an arbitrary way is referred to as selective enforcement or selective prosecution. Historically, selective enforcement is recognized as a sign of tyranny, and an abuse of power, because it violates rule of law, allowing men to apply justice only when they choose.

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