Monday, November 4, 2013

Tired of The Kings and Queens?

Vote against them NOW

The Wilkes Barre City Taxpayers Association took the time to contact EVERY candidate running for local office that will affect the tax base in Wilkes Barre. The Taxpayers asked the candidates a few simple questions, in an effort to determine how they might ask if and when they are elected or re-elected.

From the Taxpayers Website: (With edits by WUWB in parentheses)

The Wilkes Barre City Taxpayers provided ALL candidates seeking elected office in The Greater Wilkes Barre Area, the opportunity to for consideration by answering a few questions.
  • ONE: If elected or re-elected will you vote to hire any of your family? 
  • TWO: If elected or re-elected will you vote to increase taxes?

For the record the correct answer to questions 1 & 2 are simply NO!
With that in mind here is the list of Wilkes Barre City Taxpayers Endorsed Candidates:

Wilkes Barre Area School Board (Vote for not more than 4)
  • CHRISTINE KATSOCK (D) (Has consistently stood up for Taxpayers, and voted against hiring’s of board members family)
  • KATHY GRINAWAY (D) (Honest, and promised NEVER to hire her family, NOT politically connected AT ALL!)
  • SAM TROY (I) (Founding member of the WBCTPA)
In the case of school board, you may vote for not more than 4, but in our opinion there are only 3

County Council (Vote for not more than 5)
  • KATHY DOBASH (R) (Has been fighting for us for years, attending meetings, and she wasn’t even elected, so imagine how hard she will work once we elect her)
  • SUE ROSSI (R) (Tax Collector who has always stood for honesty)
  • MICHAEL GIAMBER (D) (Easy to talk to, and another one who listens)
  • RICHARD KICK HEFFRON (D) (Won’t preach the Bible like some)
  • EILEEN M. SOROKAS (D) (Not a bobble head like Houck)
  • RENEE CIARUFFOLI TAFFERA (D) (Listens to you, and will never forgot who she works for)

County Controller
  • CAROLEE MEDICO OLENGINSKI (R) (King Lawton hates Carolee, (mainly because she won’t take any crap from him or his cronies) so We The People should LOVE her)

For those of you who will be supporting the good honest candidates listed above, we at the Wilkes Barre City Taxpayers Association thank you in advance, and for those of you who simply vote for whoever you’re told to vote for, or are voting for other less than genuine reasons. SHAME ON YOU!!!

Wake Up Wilkes Barre is asking for your VOTE. Please remember to VOTE tomorrow, and please consider the diverse slate of Democrats, Republicans, and Independent candidates listed above, as they are not only the Wilkes Barre City Taxpayers picks, but the ones you should, and WILL be able to turn to when needed, and trust me if you’ve attended a school board, county council, or city council meeting, and asked those bobble heads for help, you know from experience what I’m talking about, and if not, just wait.

This message was paid for by Wake Up Wilkes Barre, and is not affiliated with any candidate or candidates committee, SO WAKE UP WILKES BARRE


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