Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Place One Out!

According to the Times Leader The owner of Place One at The Hollywood on South Main Street said Tuesday the city’s own engineering reports state her building is structurally sound.

  • Ok her building is sound but we will rip it down, makes sense so far right Wilkes Barre?

“Now the city is taking it out on me,” she said. “I did nothing wrong. My building is fine. I’m being railroaded.

  • Railroaded in Wilkes Barre, surely not!

“What am I supposed to do with all these dresses?” she asked. “I’ve been here before the development across the street. I’ve paid taxes for 22 years and now they’re throwing me out.”

  • But in those 22 years have you contributed to any of the King’s campaigns?

“I would hope the mayor and the city would want to do everything it could to keep a business open in the downtown,” she said. “I have told the city on several occasions over the years that debris has fallen off of those buildings. Why hasn’t the city done anything to preserve the buildings it owns?”

  • The mayor hasn’t had the time nor money to fix those buildings, as he has been pilfering the entire city coffer.

Coffee said she has been contacted by Rob Finlay of Humford Equities regarding possible locations, but she said she would have to renovate any new space to install special racks for dresses.

Leighton said the city has offered Coffee possible alternative sites and will allow access to move her merchandise out.

  • You could almost hear the King’s offer: “Yes Ms. Coffee, if you take refuge in one of the buildings owned by one of my largest campaign contributors, and agree to renovate his building, I think we could move those barricades for you!” 

JUST TO BE CLEAR: Humford Equities donated $32,133 to the King’s campaigns

“We will even move some barricades if need be,” Leighton said. “But nobody seems to understand the pressure the city is under here. Do you realize how many people walk by those buildings every day?”

  • OK your lordship let us try to understand this, the city has owned those buildings for 15 years, you have been King for just over 9 of those same 15 years, and on council for the other 6, and this is NOT your fault? 
  • Perhaps if you hadn’t been stealing gas, and everything that wasn’t nailed down, we could have used some of that cash to renovate these now unsafe buildings, we could have even given the renovation contract to another of your campaign contributing cronies. Just a thought!

Wake Up Wilkes Barre



  1. This is just digusting...!! They don't even try to hide their 'corruption' anymore..they are so blatant..they think they are so above..! Disgraceful..disgusting...and sad!

    1. Jane there's no need to hide it, nobody in law enforcement is going to cross the King. He dines with FBI agents, we have a child D.A. and not to mention the county investigator is the brother of our thief of police.

  2. So when is Leighton's term over, because I don't know how much longer Wilkes-Barre can take this.

    1. We have 2 more years unless the DA wakes up


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