Friday, December 27, 2013

Gas Gate not under rug just yet

As much as The King would like us to “Believe” that this investigation has no merit or is being swept under the rug, it would seem that it continues. Now there are those out there (and you know who you are) who truly believe that nothing will come of Gas Gate, and that the District Attorney Salavantis is just stalling, because she is inexperienced, overwhelmed, or just plain clueless, but I ask you to consider a few things for a second.

It takes no time at all to sweep something under the rug, and if that were the case wouldn’t she have wanted to do that some 15 months ago?

I only ask because she is almost up for reelection and as we approach that election season, will she then want to stall on Gas Gate, or simply sweep it under the rug?

Right when Luzerne County Voters (who usually have the memory of a goldfish) will have it fresh in their minds. I think not, in-fact, this (Gas-Gate) could very well be the pony that carries back across the finish line.

Remember she campaigned on an anti-corruption platform “Musto Must Go” claiming that she knew or should have known about the Kids for Cash scam, and she was likely right then, and we pray she does the right thing now.

If not we do have Santa to blame!

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