Friday, December 6, 2013

LAG hit with 12K lien

Poor Leo getting even poorer

As reported by the Times Leader “According to paperwork filed Friday in Luzerne County Court, LAG Transport & Recovery, Inc., of 83 Foote Ave., Duryea, was notified of a $12,984 commonwealth lien against the company.”

As if having all your so called friends, (whom you loaned cars to for years on end) turning their backs on you weren't bad enough “our Leo” ( as dubbed by Bob Kadluboski) takes yet another hit. This time by the state.

What’s next for “our Leo” 

Well, with the State Police, and FBI allegedly he took $2,100 in bait money from what an undercover state trooper told him was a vehicle seized as part of a drug investigation.

Now this lien.

Oh and don’t forget about the Grand Jury, Joe Holden formerly of WBRE told us about, that’s still ongoing.

My guess is “our Leo” will be moving from his soon to be foreclosed home to the Big House real soon, unless he spills the beans that is.

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