Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Gas Gate Investigation

Karen Ceppa-Hirko sat before city council last October with concerns about the lack of oversight at the city fuel pumps.


The D.A. weighs in

"It was an easy decision to investigate," Salavantis said, "because once you look at the basis of the complaint, that there are 18,000 gallons of gas that are alleged to be missing, I believe an investigation is warranted."

  • Oh sweet naive Stephanie  

Criminal tax attorney Greg McCauley told The Citizens' Voice on Monday that finding fault with city officials would be tricky because of the lack of a paper trail. 

Salavantis said Tuesday she hoped to overcome that by looking at surveillance footage and photographs, interviewing witnesses and looking into the city's policies.

Drew Mc-Laugh-lin said the Department of Public Works, which houses the fuel pumps, keeps footage for only three or four weeks. 

  • So then why is it when the taxpayers requested the April 2012 video on May 01, 2012 they were told NO VIDEO!!!

Just a thought here D.A. but video recovering software, take the hard drives, also it should be noted that the DWP cameras are network cameras viewable in the KINGS office in real time.

We know this because the KING calls DPW to yell at Mr. Pahler when he thinks he sees the DPW employees doing nothing.

"I just want justice," Ceppa-Hirko added.

  • As do we all Karen but the authorities will once again prove their worth. Or lack thereof!

City spokesman Drew Mc-Laugh-lin said the city has already taken steps to correct its lax record keeping at the city pumps.

As a result of not being able to account for 18,000 gallons of fuel, Mc-Laugh-lin said the Department of Public Works is now comparing - daily - its written logs with the computer-generated copy. That way, he said, if the data doesn't match up perfectly, the DPW can check its surveillance cameras to see who didn't sign the log.

  • FYI Ken is still not filling out the log, and yet you do noting!
  • Fix the barn door after as they say, right Mc-Laugh-Lin, when you could have listened to Karen back in October.

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