Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sell Da’ Muni??

A recent article published in The Citizens Voice: Wilkes-Barre's secret hideaway citizens call for the sale of a not so public, public golf course, and recreation land!

My question is WTF are you people thinking? Asking the King & Co. to sell off their Fantasy Island in an effort to stabilize the sinking city balance sheet.

After all the King has a great plan to sell off an income producing Parking Authority for a quick FIX, and at the same time we can keep the ever $$ loosing golf course that nobody but the Kings Court can play on!

  • So what if residents can't even glance at the lake and untouched property for themselves because a homeowner installed a private gate at the foot of the dirt entrance.
  • So what if the city owns 541.78 Total acres of recreation land in another town!
  • It’s like Miami buying recreation land in Orlando!

City officials and members of the municipal authority said they currently have no desire to unload the golf course and land in Bear Creek Township!

  • You cannot expect them to give up their private retreat for us!

Leighton said “the time isn’t RIGHT”

  • I wonder if the time will ever be RIGHT.

Judge Pat Toole, a member of the municipal authority, countered by saying taxpayers were not required to take on that loss. The authority can borrow money - neither Toole nor Rogers knew its debt

Toole said. "Without it, a lot of people wouldn't be able to play golf."

  • Wake Up Judge Toole! I know the air is a bit thin up there on the fourth floor of the courthouse, as well as in Bear Creek but down here in Da’ Hood, we “the people” don’t golf!
  • We just pay for you goons too!

Wake Up Wilkes Barre

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