Friday, July 20, 2012

Kangaroo Court for L.A.G.

A city official said Thursday a special panel will be created to review the contract with LAG Towing Inc., whose owner has come under fire for his fees and record keeping.

  • Hold the phone, didn’t a Luzerne County Judge, The Office of Open Records, Several Citizens, and even Leo himself say he doesn’t any maintain records?

“The mayor’s going to accept council’s recommendation to form some type of committee,” said Drew Mc-Laugh-Lin, city administrative coordinator

  • Oh thank god, for a second we were beginning to think our City Council was as powerless as Japan's Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant following the tsunami.

Still to be determined are who will sit on the committee and its time frame to conduct the review, said Mc-Laugh-Lin.

  • I wonder, will it be hand pick cronies, or good honest taxpayers.
  • I’m betting the expert in the field comes from The King’s besties over at Falzone.
  • If The King truly wants to avoid suspicion he would pick any one of the 6 board member from The Wilkes Barre City Taxpayers Association. Any ONE of them would do.

The mayor also plans to discuss with each of the five council members their concerns on the issue, said Mc-Laugh-Lin.

  • In other words, The King will tell council once again what to think of all this.

The lone dissenter, Councilman Tony George, failed to gather support for his call to end the contract. He accused LAG owner Leo Glodzik of price gouging and failing to respond to the city’s request for receipts of towed vehicles.

George said Thursday he made his position “very clear” last week. “I have not changed my position,” he said.

  • Thank you councilman George for your efforts, and for being the only honest council-member in Da Hood, I know it’s a rough job, but at least the taxpayers have ONE!

George said he said the paperwork and documents he collected on LAG were handed over to council President Mike Merritt.

  • Is it me or does anyone else hear that old Life Cereal ad, “hey let's get Mikey” and we all know what The King will tell Mikey, “hey mikey he likes it”!!

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