Monday, July 30, 2012

Let them EAT New Cars

As I’m sure you have all heard The King & Co. can no longer steal GAS from the City, and as a result of this I am told that The King is madder than "Shrek would be, had Donkey run off with the girl".

That being said Wake Up Wilkes Barre received this email from a concerned citizen who overheard the King’s response to GAS-GATE!

"So they think their smart do they, well I will just go buy everyone new cars. Let’s see how they like paying for that" T.M.L. He said right down to the little inspector will get a new car. Heard it may be already done!!!

  • The King must have been referring to that pesky Taxpayers Association, when he said "So they think their smart do they"!

It’s no surprise that the King will want to retaliate. After all the taxpayers did stop him, his family, and all their friend from filling up on the city’s dime.

Positives to the King Revenge:

  • Only the City Cars can get gas!
  • All City cars are City assets, and will hold some sort of resale value, unlike stolen gas!
  • Only City Employees should be driving City Cars!
  • We will see a City Logoed car when the King is out selling Real Estate when he should be at City Hall!
  • We will know what bar the King is at, seeing the City Logo car parked nearby!
  • All Citizens will now see where, when, how fast, the new City Cars are going, and who’s inside.

When you spot the new cars, please post all photos here!

Wake Up Wilkes Barre


  1. Except for unmarked cars used by our Police, there should not be ANY city cars on the road that are not clearly identified as being city property! If we can have TML's name on garbage trucks we should have no problem with giving him THE USE of a clearly identifiable city vehicle.

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