Wednesday, July 4, 2012

No GAS for YOU!

In the Time Leader: DEP will cite W-B over fuel

The state Department of Environmental Protection intends to cite the city for failing to keep accurate records relating to gasoline and diesel usage at its fuel tanks, department spokeswoman Colleen Connolly said Tuesday.

  • Why are they citing the city, A.K.A the taxpayers?
  • Cite management directly! 
  • If it’s stolen gas, poor record keeping, or a mysterious gas fairy playing tricks on the King, it’s still managements fault, as they didn’t look into this 8 months ago when Karen Ceppa-Hirko told them!
  • Another important question is why didn’t the city take Karen’s findings seriously?
  • Is it that they already knew what was going on?

Drew Mc-Laugh-lin, the city’s administrative coordinator, said the city already has taken steps to address the issues.

Mc-Laugh-lin said officials met with department heads Monday and stressed the importance that employees accurately fill out the logs. Any employee who fails to do so will be subject do disciplinary action.

  • I wonder if Droopy Drew spoke with the Mayor and Pahler’s Families and stressed the importance of not stealing gas.

“We are taking this seriously and are taking immediate and appropriate steps to correct the issues,” Mc-Laugh-lin said. “We are cooperating with DEP, and any violation they identify, we will do everything in our power to rectify.”

  • WOW if only you took the Wilkes Barre City Taxpayers seriously when Karen and Frank both brought this to your attention months ago!

Connolly stressed DEP is not insinuating any criminal wrongdoing.

  • I am: GET the video tapes, and watch them!

Disgusted_Taxpayer Said:

This is going to get good. Here are some tips for the follow up story 6 months from now. Remember, the Mayor stated he drives about 200-300 miles per month and only fills up about every three weeks.  So for his alleged 300 miles he should receive $165.00. I can almost bet his mileage is going to skyrocket all of the sudden, he's going to show you.

Secondly, we can compare the amount of gas used during the same time period. My second bet will be that the amount of gas and diesel used will probably drop by 15,000+ gallons.
Corruption is still alive and well in Luzerne County!

  • I couldn’t agree more!

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  1. If this discrepancy was just for the past 6 months what would the previous years reports look like? Are the available for checking?

    1. They are available, or at least should be, and I know Karen did check last year. Her findings were a missing Tanker Truck.

  2. According to the I.R.S. (IR-2011-69) the 55.5 cents a mile the Mayor charges the City is supposed to cover the operation,maintenance of the vehicle. If you or I were claiming operating costs of our personal vehicle 55.5 cents per mile is all the I.R.S. would allow.

    Now in the case of your Mayor, on the surface it would appear that he he is billing the City 55.5cents per mile, THEN also using the City paid for fuel, without paying Federal and State taxes!

    So in essence, it appears he is being compensated TWICE! I say, resolve the issue. Make him drive a City owned car with the proper City logo on both doors, and an identification number. If the City can provide vehicles to haul garbage,surely they can find one for the Mayor??? What say you???

    1. I couldn't agree more, but if The King drives a car with the City logo on it we would all know what BAR he's at, and when!

  3. You cannot conduct personal business using a City owned car, nor can you park it in a place that would put the City in a bad light. You could even paint the Mayor's name on the door. How about that???

    1. "City in a bad light" Does he even care at this point?

  4. Only city in AMERICA where they have those little candy fundraisers where you take a snack sized treat & leave a donation of at least .25c. Here though they had to put a sign on it saying "don't steal" valley with a heart MY A$$


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