Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Gas-Gate: It’s NOT over!

Drew Mc-Laugh-lin said Tuesday electronically inputting the employee ID number, vehicle ID number and mileage was more time-consuming and less efficient than keeping a written log.

  • Really Drew, how’s that paper & pen system working?
  • I bet it would have been way too much trouble to give each vehicle a swipe card?

Mc-Laugh-lin said "The decision was made that manual record-keeping would be more than sufficient,"

  • What droopy drew is trying to say is: if they used the electronic tracking system, then we would know for FACT that the King, his wife, and kids were all stealing gas!

Councilman Bill Barrett: "Any system is better than no system."

  • Ya think?

Councilman George Brown said: "Naturally I was shocked," "You would think there would be records or something."

  • Wake Up Georgie Porgie, you know better!!!

Council President Mike Merritt believed it was more of an issue of poor record-keeping than theft

  • OK I’m just gunna go out on a limb here in saying, Mike is still drinking the Kings Kool-Aid!

Councilman Tony George said he couldn't believe so much fuel had gone missing. "I thought there must have been a leak or something," he said.

  • Remember Tony this was only a 6 month investigation! Take that number times 2 & you’ll get the annual missing amount, and then times the # of years the King has been King!
  • The King was also hoping a leak of some kind would be found!
  • In Fact the leak was where the pump connected the cars owned by The C.A. Leighton Co.

Barrett said he didn't understand a policy that allowed Mayor Tom Leighton and public works Deputy Director Ken Pahler to fill their private vehicles. 

The former police chief said he last filled up a patrol car about 12 years ago - and the city had an electronic system in place even then.

"It's common sense," Barrett said. "Unless it's owned by the city, it shouldn't be there. I don't care if it's a lawn mower or what.

"I can tell you what is wrong is putting city fuel into private vehicles. Where I work, that would be a quick way to get you fired."

  • It is common sense Bill, and we agree FIRE KEN!!! 
  • How many strikes is this for the guy who uses city equipment, and now city gas like it’s his?
Wake Up Wilkes Barre


  1. AS a tax payer, i know that Ken uses his truck because all the vehicles the the city has dont run. Ken does what it takes so the crews dont have to come back to the garage just to fill tanks for the lawn mowers & weedeaters. Ken's use of the fuel makes sense. THE MAYOR & FAMILY, NOT SO MUCh

    1. Nobody should pump city gas into a personal car. As the councilman said its common sense!

  2. If it's proven to be stolen, prosecute to the fullest extent of the law.


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